Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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FALSE Season 6: (BEWARE)

FALSE Season 6: (BEWARE) from FALSE on Vimeo.



Stock Option: COPPER by Steph Cop from Bonustoyz

The follow up to the Sold Out Golderus from Bonustoyz. Copper comes in 3 colors, Pink, Green, and Grey each limited to 100 pieces each worldwide. Comes with 2 heart grenades.

Suggested Retail $75
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Stock Option: Skulskin by Ajee

ExtendedPlayZ a new Bonustoyz label presents Skulskin by Ajee, (www.ajee.fr) a female artist from France who was one of the 2 secret artist of the French Dunny series. Two colorways available, Green & Dark. 11 inches tall with mask. Limited to 300 pieces each. They will be released mid November to coincide with the new Ajee's exhibition.
Suggested Retail $115
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Stock Option: Camille Rose Garcia

After more than a year of waiting, haggling, struggling, and more waiting the rest of the Camille Rose Garcia dolls finally arrived. This is not a new edition and these have not been remade. What just arrived is the remainder of the first and only production run which are sure to be the only CRG vinyl toys ever made. Set of 4 vinyl figurines each approx 14 inches tall and there is one of each per case, sold in sets, Lula, Patch, Cherry Girl, and Katie & Sadie.

Suggested Retail $60 each
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Nightlife: Fader Presents One Step Beyond Friday, October 10

Friday, October 10
9pm - 1am

One Step Beyond returns on October 10 featuring Mattie Safer of The Rapture and DJ Mehdi, the French hip-hop and electro producer known for bridging the gap between dance music genres

Video: Arsenal - Estupendo

DRx and Fruition- Recycled Pop Bubble Vest" collection.

DRx and Fruition continue their collaboration with Season 3's "Recycled Pop Bubble Vest" collection. This drop consists of cola inspired vintage gear hand picked by Fruition Las Vegas medically engineered into Bubble vests by DRx in Los Angeles. Available exclusively at Fruition

Video: Rjd2 - Work It Out

Tisa/Phenomenon x MCM Duffle Bag


Buby Is 4 Da Ladies: Marc Jacobs and KAWS 10th anniversary Mouse Flats

Limited to 200 pairs worldwide, Colette (Paris), Original Fake (Tokyo) and Marc Jacobs flagship stores (US and London) will be the only stores that will carry these. They came out yesterday and if I could get a chance I would cop a pair and put on ice for my daughter!

Video: TV On The Radio "Dancing Choose"

I like this video a lot more then the first single.

Stronger Yo-Yo

This video makes me think of two things. First is the episode of the Simpsons when the YoYo people came to their school and everybody wanted to YoYo after that..lol. Second is that this kid's gear is only second best to Rev Run's son..lol.

Q-tip-Live at the Knitting Factory 9/27/08

Dirty Gardener: NJ Devils Pre- Season Games @ The Rock

This week they have two Pre- Season Devil games at the Prudential Center in Newark. Friday they'll be playing the Islanders and Saturday they'll be playing the Flyers at home.
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Dirty Gardener: America's Best Dance Crew Live @ NJPAC today!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
America's Best Dance Crew Live
7:30 pm
Prudential Hall
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Dirty Gardener: Cap City

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Dirty Gardener: Black Flag is going Flannel Crazy!!!

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Please listen to Soulja Boy!!!

I remember when NWA was getting all the press and all the older people were hating on those young men instead of listening. Now that I listen to this clip I feel that US as older people need to listen to this young man because he wants to go to college but thinks its gay.... bells should be going off in all of us. I'm very proud that he even is thinking about going back to school but he is def. missing that guidance in life. Please talk to your kids about this clip and always assume that they are going to advance to higher education.

Video: Ludacris- Undisputed

Undisputed Official Video from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Trailer: Katt Williams "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'"

Music: Little Dragon

Gothenburg, Sweden is a hotbed of diverse and escalating musical talent. From the mighty Soundtrack of Our Lives to idiosyncratic songsmiths José González and Jens Lekman, through to the unpredictable pop styles from the likes of Love is All and Audrey, not to mention the infamous black metal scene, Gothenburg now boasts the dynamic, organically soulful pop sounds of Little Dragon.
Featuring radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano and her close high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrick Källgren (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards), Little Dragon stepped into the spotlight with the release of their first double A-side single on Peacefrog (home to José and Findlay Brown), ‘Twice’/’Test’. A former Rough Trade ‘Single of the Week’ and “universally hailed as a masterpiece of free thinking soul”, according to One Week To Live.
Born and raised in Gothenburg to a Japanese father and American mother, Yukimi says, “I grew up listening to American folk because of my Mom, but I’ve always had an affinity for R’n’B.” Meanwhile, keyboardist Håkan spent his childhood in the deepest, darkest woods of Smaland before moving to Gothenburg, hearing a lot of Swedish folk music, later getting into electronic and synth music. Erik grew up hearing early hiphop and jazz. “From time to time we have had to get side jobs,” Yukimi sighs, “but we’d rather stay broke, so we can concentrate on the band.” Their true vocation can be in no doubt based on this divine debut offering.
Yukimi has sung with Sweden’s electronica-jazz outfit Koop, and both Yukimi and Erik play live with José González. Erik also drums with Peps Perrson, a legendary Swedish blues/reggae artist. “We had an admiration for each other musically, and way before we defined ourselves as a band we were making music and hanging out,” Yukimi explains. “It’s like a family, and the band is our big passion. Little Dragon reminds you that when you're really creating music, it's like building a ship that will travel in a direction previously inconceivable”.
However, what unites these disparate influences is an undeniable swing and lightness of touch, braced with bass heaviness, borne from the intuitive connection between the band members that epitomises Little Dragon’s music. Unwilling to stick to definitions or reasons for why Little Dragon is what it is, Yukimi offers effusive and illustrative impressions, which is as good a way as any to understand this very special band.
“Maybe Little Dragon is a city,” she muses. “Blue traffic-lights, fast food-signs, neon, love, loneliness, technology – a city reflected in the middle of a vast ocean. The music juxtaposes tradition and intense knowledge of musical tools, with destruction, invention... blazing a new trail. I like to think of our music as dreamy, but not always in a pleasant way. Some songs are emotional and some more free and naive.”
Yukimi’s emergence as a significant voice is confirmed by ‘Twice’ – the opening gambit for the debut and breathtaking in its simplicity, a minor-key piano ballad with understated yet richly effective strings blooming amid deft cosmic swirls. Yukimi delivers a poised but dramatically beautiful tale of regret. “The simple piano was so moody,” she says “I guess it fits perfectly with my confused state at that time.”
‘Test’ feels like zephyr on a summer’s day. Locked down by wondrous echo chamber effects this gem bubbles along with a solid b-line and leftfield twists and charms that make it seem flawlessly new. “I wrote lyrics and melodies with only drums before we added any other instruments,” Yukimi notes. “I found the drums very inspiring, and I like using a different process to write.”
That same airiness is evident throughout the album, from highlight and future single ‘Constant Surprises’, which is mostly built from hi-hats and bubbling bass and reminds us of unique and fresh sounding soul that seems to have all but disappeared of late, while Yukimi’s delicious vocal skips and glides atop, and on ‘Recommendation’ the sunshiny syncopation matches the bounce of Yukimi’s singing.
‘Forever’ brings in more of the keyboard atmospherics and moody bass that Mad Professor would be proud to call his own, the perfect foil for a more reflective and emotional lyrical leaning. ‘After The Rain’ is all short clipped struts, and lets Yukimi run wild, moving into the quietly psychedelic, keyboard-driven yearning and wonder of ‘Place To Belong’, while ‘Wink’ suggests a lurking undercurrent of cavernous nightclub funk and flirtation. “When she winks at you / you feel your legs shake / you blow a kiss back / and time stops”. A far less smutty euro Millie Jackson, if you will.
The album is marvellously book ended by the drifting percussion and electronic dynamics of ‘Scribbled Paper’, showcasing another wonderful vocal performance – “I went looking for a trace of something that you left”.
Little Dragon take tired musical traces and styles, give them a shot in the arm to leave us with something fresh and positive.
It is a debut full of subtle touches, capturing fleeting emotional moments, twinned with gnawingly memorable pop flourishes and hooks. Oh, and it reminds us of endless summer possibilities…

Check out the website here.

Video: Joell Ortiz - Can't You Tell? / Ghetto

Video: Skillz - Be Alright (Feat. Kornbread & Aaries)

Get Skillz album, you won't regret it!

Limite interviews Nick Tershay owner of Diamond Supply

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