Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Video: The White Stripes - You Don't Know What Love Is

I HAVE to get this album!

New Releases: 7/31/07

Keith Murray- Rap-Murr-Phobia (go get the Circuit City Exclusive)

Guru- Jazzmatazz, Vol. 4: The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger: Back to the Future

Dilated People- The Release Party (there's the cd, the dvd and if you want there's a dvd/cd combo)

Common- Finding Forever (Go to Circuit City, there's an exclusive cd there)

Andy Andy- Tu Me Haces Falta

Amerie- Because I Love It

Fall Out Boy Arms Race Remix

Fall Out Boy- Arms Race Remix feat. Travis from Gym Class Heroes, Kanye West, Tyga (who?), Pall Wall & Skinhead Rob, Lupe Fiasco and Lil' Wayne... listen to it here.

Video: Fall Out Boy - The Take Over, The Break's Over

Buby's Top 10 Rappers Right Now!

Well yesterday I talked about people hatin' on Game for being on the top 10 list right now... I want to give you my top 10 list... well sort of cause Im not sure if theres 10... but first here's the list from MTV-

10 Jim Jones (i agree)
9 Common (i agree)
8 50 Cent (what are they smokin')
7 Jay-Z (no respect for hova..lol)
6 Jeezy (i like jeezy but where is he? he had a good album. he has no buzz right now)
5 Kanye West (i disagree)
4 Andre 3000 (they like him a little more then me)
3 The Game (love him but he doesnt have anything out right now)
2 TI (disagree, his first two singles suck)
1 Lil’ Wayne (not feelin him same much)

And my list of people I want to hear from right now are...

1) Kayne West (i know i feel his music more then most...)
2) 50 Cent (At first I thought his album was going the wrong way but I like his new single)
3) Swizz Beatz (he's making hits)
4) Lil Wayne (i do think he's def. getting better..I need more SONGS not freestyles)
5) Jay Z (he's never cold)
6) Fabolous (I hope he puts out another single and guest star on some peeps songs)
7) Andre 3000 (he makes me happy)
8) Mos Def (whenever I hear him I get warm inside)
9) Common (new album is looking pretty f'in good)
10) Jim Jones (he fell off a little, I heard a few songs that isn't right)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Video: Swizz Beatz - Money in the Bank/Top Down


It's funny how I've seen this guys name around all the underground websites but I've never really tried listening to him. Dude is nice. Not only is he a good MC but his a spic.lol. A puerto rican from mass. with hiphop written all over him. Check out his myspace here.

I first came across him yesterday when I typed dj premier in youtube. So I got these two videos (WATCH HOW IT GO DOWN & H.U.S.T.L.E.R.) and loved them. If you want to see him freestyle here it is.

Photo via Format Magazine .... and check out this same link for a interview of Term...

Video: KRS-One- Loves Gonna Get'cha


Wow... these beauts are from the Charles Barkley AF1 pack... check out more here.
pic via Highsnobiety

3sixteen Releases.

3sixteen is dropping their last bit of summer joints before its all over so look for these and more in the coming weeks check here for some more photos.photos via Format Magazine

The Game...

Why is everybody mad or can't believe that The Game ended up on the MTV’s List Of The 10 Hottest MCs In The Game list? He's a great mc... anybody who questions that hasn't 1)listened to his albums with an open mind or 2) get passed his attitude about the world... we are talking about rapper skills or record sells?
F' ya'll I'm riding with THE GAME on this one.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

El Cantante's Soundtrack

I just picked up the Soundtrack for El Cantante (which comes out friday) from ITunes this week. Pick it up and support, while your at it go watch the movie on friday.

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Dance... Drop Dead...

fast forward the video up to 8:00 and watch Elephant Man sing the Drop Dead... this chick did her thing because the ones on youtube suck at it...

California Pizza Kitchen

Me and the little one went to California Pizza Kitchen yesterday and I was loving it...lol. They serve you some banging ass bread before the food comes. Little missy wanted a salad and when I was reading the menu I couldn't believe what I was reading until I saw it... little chedder fish in the salad... HAAA... I think I liked it more then my daugther..lol.
But you def. need to check one out. I only went to the one in Short Hills Mall in NJ because I was watching a docu. about pizza on the history channel and they mentioned it..

PS don't mind her hair...long story....longer then the one above. :OP

Wisin y Yandel - Pegao

I love this joint... rarely do I say that about a reaggeton song... I think I spelled that wrong. o well. good song.

Soopa Coin-Up Bros. pics.

Mr. Scarecrow sent me these pics last night. He said they are set to be released in the 4th QTR 2008 and it'll be around 7" tall.

Perfect for some D.I.Y. action... I def. could see some NiGHTS into Dreams that was for the Sega Saturn (that game rocked).



Richard Pryor, Beau Bridges, Cleavon Little, Earl Hindman, Pam Grier, Richie Havens, Vincent Gardenia

Wendell Scott, a racing champion and stock car driver of incredible skill, is also a hero in the Black community. He's broken more than racing records, he's broken America's color line. But his longtime enemy, Hutch, also happens to be his racing rival and a redneck of the first order. If Scott can concentrate on driving long enough to get over the social and political obstacles confronting him, he might just become a racing legend.

Not only is this a movie about the first black NASCAR champ but it's about the history of NASCAR. That's right people blacks are part of the history in one of America's greatest past times. I'm posting this for two reasons. First is because I figured because Richard Pryor was in it, it would be easily one of the millions of titles that I can get from netflix.com....nope. So I figured whatever and told my brother to get it from Blockbuster.....nope. Not only do they not carry it in the store he was at but Blockbuster doesn't carry the title (only on the online service). So being someone who thinks THE MAN is around all corners of life I got pissed and decided to write this. The second reason is because this is a fact that I had no clue of. I was taught about prohibition in school and the history of NASCAR was never told to me. You would think teachers would use something like this to get the interest of children of color but I guess I'm wrong. BAHH! Let me stop typing now, I've had my say. But if you can find this jem check it out and let me know how it is....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weirdoz o.W.n.l.i. Boutique grand opening.

Ol$ki and the Weirdoz crew are making those moves. Next saturday they is the grand opening of their own boutique. Come out to Union NJ and celebrate this major event.


lol...what the..???who in the hell told her she could do this? lol... f' it.. it's just another eyecandy video for me... BAH!!!

Kat Deluna feat. Elephant Man - Whine Up

I give this song a C- ...lol... o boy.... I could see every spic out there love it though.

Zach Galifianakis X Kanye West

Funnyman Zach Galifianakis made a new "Can't tell me nothing" video, paid for by Mr. West himself. Check out the video here & some of his standup here.

Slim Thug - Wood Grain Wheel

Bun B's Blog... BBB....lol....never mind..lol.

Check out Bun B's (of UGK) Blog

Rihanna X Totes'

Rihanna’s hit song, “Umbrella,” has been on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 15 weeks so you know she had to get her own umbrellas out there... watch out Bently Fonzworth..lol. Check out my fav. one here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Hit Mob pics.

I just stopped by and peeped they had a shiit load of new pics. Check out their myspace page for more....

Young Bizz w/ Noche... check out young bizz's myspace page

Tru-life was in the building...

lol.. Check me out in the right- the only ass not wearing a hitmob tee.lol

Soopa Coin-Up Bros.

Here's a new project that Erick Scarecrow have coming soon that will be unveiled at the SDCC Dke Toys booth #4832

Exclusive Cloverfield | 1-18-08 Teaser Trailer!!

Sadly I missed all the trailers for Transformers because I was stuck at the food stand for 30 minutes. Everybody and their mothers was telling me about this movie trailer but I've never seen it. Well here it is and I see why everybody is going crazy about it. I went to YouTube and they have a crazy amount of people just posting what they think it is..lol. I'm just happy somebody is trying to be this creative.

Bape's Nigo in Nylon

I just finish reading NYLON guys Summer 2007 issue with Nigo on the cover, you have to check it out. I mean you don't find out anything new here. Just like every other interview he just love showing his toys but I've come to realize that I'm probably that dude just in a poor state...lol. I mean he def. has a Obsessive-compulsive disorder just like me. I would probably have the illest toy, comic book, art, sneaker, clothing collection out there. The only thing I don't understand is why he doesn't just start a Nigo Bape Museum. Damn I should copyright that...right?


It's cool to go to Hypebeast and see these guys up there. I used to bug the hell out of them when I first openned my myspace account...lol. Well check out their website here.

Skillz feat Freeway

:O)...This song makes me smile...hmmm... hiphop... tasty...
Check out a freestyle by skillz here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mastodon - Sleeping Giant

Beautiful video.

The Village Voice Siren Festival

This is M.I.A. @ the festival and the only thing we cared to see. Go here for more pics.
Video clips: 1, 2, 3

Monday, July 23, 2007

Batman Uni-Formz Modern Vinyl Statue

Coming in March '08 from DC Direct Batman gets the designer toy treatment and he doesn't fail to impress! This vinyl statue is inspired by the red-hot "designer toy" phenomenon. This bold new take on Batman is a must-have for collectors of contemporary toy design as well as traditional fans of superheroes!

Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Wave 4

September 2007


Saturday my brother dave, two of his females and I went to Brooklyn NY's Coney Island for The Village Voice's Siren Festival to watch M.I.A. perform. I've been reading all over the internet that she has a great stage show and she really does. I loved every second of it. I'm a bit pissed because my brother said that there weren't going to be any camera permitted at the festival so I left it behind. The first thing I noticed was all the cameras with we got there..lol. This is the first time I've been to Coney Island ever and I think it's pretty cool. From the looks of it, it looks like it's pretty much a puerto rican neighborhood. When we got to the street where the stage was at we knew we was going to have to push thru that crowd. Sorry to all the people that hate me now but we got a pretty good spot after all the shoving and pushing. At first we started to make a train following this dude with a Radio Raheem Boom Box but we lost him after awhile. I remember one point this guy was like "dude, don't bother there's no more room..." lol pussy. I pushed to make sure I wasn't anywhere near that assmunch..lol. Loved all the new material she did and all the old ones I didn't know.

Make it like Beckham

David Beckham played yesterday as a member of the LA Galaxy for the first time. He didn't score in the game but he's scoring big for the game. Hopefully we can finally get the stadiums for the sport we created (soccer..lol) full. Check out Beckhams here and hear him say soccer...lol

Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Vick

MAAANN... Fuck Peta, Fuck all these News people... and A BIGGG fuck you to all the HIP HOP Mags thats talking shit. I don't nor have ever fought dogs in my life. I have seen it and it is one of the worst things you can see. But I don't judge people and it is not my place to do so. This is a way of life for a lot of people and to point the finger at Mike Vick is crazy. They are making an example out of his ass. What part of PETA watches football and why should any man who watches that sport give two shits if PETA boycots the NFL...lol.. This is not an Oprah moment for their monkey asses.
I have never seen Mike Vick play, I don't watch football but I'm running out and buying a jersey today. BAAAAHHH!!!!


Why this pic of Rihanna? Who cares... look at her!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Black Summer.

What the hell can't I say about this comic book. It's one of the greatest stories I've read in a minute. WOW! In issue #0 dude mercs the President, Vice-President and a couple of secret service dudes. I love the drunk dude that doesn't give a fuck about being a super hero anymore. Black Summer was written by superstar writer Warren Ellis with art from Juan Jose Ryp and published by Avatar Press. Issue #1 will be out in August. Can't Wait!!!! Check out Black Summer's website right here.
doesn't the wrap around cover for Black Summer #0 look like Immortal Technique's Revolutionary Vol.2?

Dirty Car Art.

This art is done by a guy named Scott Wade. He does his art on the dirty back windows of cars.

Click here to check your boy in action.

Go to his website Dirtycarart.com

Hellboy 8-Inch Qee Figure

Put your hands where he can see them, and no funny business either! Hellboy gets the vinyl makeover that will make any Hellboy fan rejoice! This vinyl Qee of everyone's favorite hero stands 8-inches tall and is a limited editon of only 1,500 pieces, making this an instant collectible. Hellboy is featured with a cartoonish look with movable arms and legs for endless hours of fun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Huf X Nike Earthquake

Look at the next Huf Earthquake sneakers made in collaboration with Nike. After using the Dunk and the AF1 in the first round, they now present an Air Max 1 and an Air Max 90. The Air Max 90 comes with a white/grey/blue upper and the crack pattern. The Air Max 1 comes in all black, has neon green accents and a black on black crack pattern.
I'll feeling the black joints but I'll def. need to pick up some different laces for them.

Bape X DC Comics Bapestas

A Bathing Ape is dropping the hoodies, crewnecks and toys featuring imagery of the DC Comic Heroes Superman, Batman, The Flash and Wonderwoman, Bape now releases the matching Bapesta sneakers.