Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Common - The Game

Kanye West

Consequence's Webisode Premiere on AllHipHop.com

HAHA! I know this is going to be funny cause Consequence is a damn fool. Check out his Myspace Page here.

"Callin' Me"

"Don't Forgetem"

Wisin Y Yandel - Yo Te Quiero

Monday, May 28, 2007

Newark- City Subway

I thought I would post the pictures of the Grove Street stop of the new and "improved" Newark City Subway. I kinda miss the old school trains with the jacked up windows...lol.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Blokhedz: Madtwins interview

Chris Wiltz sat down with the Twiinz to dig into the past and find out where they’re from and what influenced them to pick up the pencil in the first place. Check it out here.

BBC update

If you thought Sean Price was going to take a break after releasing his critically-acclaimed sophomore solo project Jesus Price Superstar, then you thought wrong. The MC is currently putting the finishing touches on his new mixtape, Master P, featuring Ruste Juxx, DJ Babu, Agallah, Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah and more. Master P is scheduled to be released sometime this summer
While Sean P is working on that, fellow Boot Camp brethren Steele of Smif N Wesson is working on his mixtape, Hotstyle Takeover, also scheduled for a summer release.
The Boot Camp Clik is also back working on their fourth album, Casualties of War, due out August 14.

HAHA... I've been waiting for an excuse to put up my fav. boot camp videos... Well youngin's and my old heads here they are..

Black Moon-Who Got The Propz

Black Moon-How Many MC's

Black Moon-I Got U Opin

Black Moon-2 Turntables And A Mic

Smif N Wesson-Bucktown

Smif N Wesson-Let's Get It On

Smif N Wesson-Sound Bwoy Burial

Smif-N-Wesson - Wontine

Smif N Wesson-Wreckonize

Smif N Wesson ft Hurrican G & Tony Toca-Spanish Harlem

The Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

Heltah Skeltah-Operation Lockdown

Heltah Skeltah - Therapy

Heltah Skeltah & OGC-Blah!

Heltah Skeltah ft Starang Wondah-I Aint Havin That

Originoo Gunn Clappaz-No Fear

Originoo Gunn Clappaz - Hurricane Starang

Boot Camp Clik-Headz R Ready

DAMNIT... thats mother f'ing hiphop homie! So many hits and kids dont even know who they are anymore...

“Life After Death” the movie

Ecko founders speak

and check out Marc Ecko's interview here.

+44 tour bus done by Tokidoki

The band +44 (featuring two members of Blink 182) recently asked tokidoki to design their buses for their Honda Civic Tour . Tokidoki is everywhere you look, designer vinyl, handbags, shoes, and now tour buses rolling down the interstate. Pics courtesy of tokidoki designer Simone Legno.

The Vader Project.

Here's something I just ripped from Toysrevil's blog.

RockersNYC T.V.

RockersNYC T.V. goes to Ben G, one of Amsterdam's foremost sneaker shops

RockersNYC T.V. goes to Patta, one of Amsterdam's foremost sneaker shops

RockersNYC T.V. Interviews Patta

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Skee.TV broadcasting Air Force One worth $2,000

Skee.TV presents Greyone

Last segment of NHTVSN

Their 4th and final segment of their debut NHTVSN issue featuring Mils of Greyone / G1SA. Mils manages both the Greyone and G1SA stores in Pasadena. In this segment, Mils takes some time to explain the strategic partnership Greyone has formed with the Soul Assasins through their joint venture retail space on Colorado Blvd (the location of the original Greyone store).
Check it out here.

Transcend's Event May 26th

Come and support my peeps in Maplewood!
Check out their Myspace page here!


Check out VinylPulse for an interview with the co-founder of Brothersfree and Creator of Kennyswork- Kenny Wong.

With his first three characters out he has already proved that Brothersfree was not the end for him. His style is def. that of Brothersfree but what are you expecting if he was the character designer.

His first three figures are- Copperhead 18: Dig, Copperhead 18: Dark and his newest creation "Molly the Painter".

Check out his Website: http://www.kennyswork.com/

Copperhead 18: Dig

Copperhead 18: Dark

Molly the Painter

Fabolous - Make Me Better (Feat. Ne-Yo)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tony Philippou

A couple of days ago I posted this gansta pic from Tony Philippou and his Jeezus Piece that I peeked after checking Sound of Art's blog. I checked out his myspace page and he hit me back with some treats I'm about to lay on you... from his Triple Treat show at SURU (DJ Hahn from Linkin Park's spot)

Tony Philippou's Myspace Page

The American Dream MOVIE TRAILER

Immortal Technique speaks about Mumia

Below is a post I.T. put up on myspace yesterday. I posted about Mumia before and knew a little something about the subject but here Immortal speaks about it. Now I'm not saying everything he writes is fact because he def. is on the side of Mumia but open minds will listen......

The Significance of Mumia Abu Jamal...
Body: AS POSTED ON THE JOURNAL SECTION. Please come by and leave commentary, experiences, etc.

Back to work on the album...
"The Significance of Mumia Abu Jamal"

For the past few years I have been working to support the efforts of the Free Mumia organizations that cover this country. Whether they be in NYC, Philly or on the West Coast. Recently I did a show on the 16th to raise awareness for the March and rally to support the presentation of oral arguments that will bring him either a new trial or the death penalty. This case has been mired, I dare say imbued, in corruption of the Philadelphia Police Dept. and the so called Justice Dept.

After the sheer amount of Racism, witness intimidation and ballistics evidence there is no other explanation for the detaining of Mumia in prison when he is not a danger to his community. But rather Mumia Abu-Jamal has spent his entire life defending that community. I had originally planned to be there on May 17th but due to my arrival back in NYC to return the borrowed car at 6AM and a meeting with some people who just flew into the country about funding an orphanage in Afghanistan, that was made impossible. But this doesn't stop my heart from going out to my brother Mumia Abu-Jamal and my support from being channeled in order to make sure that we do not allow this case to just slip into the memories of Americans forever.

I would like to thank the hundreds of people who showed up (Wednesday) to put forth their support financially and spiritually for our brother. The turnout was incredible and it showed the city of Philadelphia's solidarity with this cause.

As a journalist, his reporting shed light on so many things going on in the ghetto. It is my firm belief that his voice became so apparent as one of dissent to corporate controlled media, that when the opportunity arose it can be seen the way that government manipulated the case. In 1981 when he was charged with the murder of Daniel Faulkner, the evidence was tainted, and sometimes altogether disappeared, he was refused the right to defend himself and his request to have John Africa from the MOVE organization was denied as well.

The Philadelphia Police also punished his supporters brutally to the extent of a full scale military style raid on their home. It became a notorious mark of how police brutality and the governments blind eye to a racist double standard of treatment had not been corrected by mere legislation. Helicopters were even used to drop a sizable bomb of military grade C4 explosives on the home of the MOVE organization killing 11 people including 5 children. During the course of assaulting the house on 6221 Osage Ave. they used Shotguns, Uzi's, browning automatics, tear gas, water hoses, M-16's, M60's and a .50 caliber machine gun to fire almost 10,000 rounds into the house. The explosion of C4 and the gunfire set an entire city block a blaze, which the police allowed to burn, eventually consuming over 50 other homes.

The 1985 bombing of the MOVE home and murder of all these people has never been justified by the Justice Dept. They have scrambled for reasoning and the puppet mayor at the time who himself was a black man (Wilson Goode) made it clear to anyone that studies that power structure of politics that it doesn't matter what the figure head or the representative is, he doesn't dictate the policy of the establishment. Rather, he is there to present an example of what we need to assimilate to in terms of subservience in order to be allowed to remain in power.

Really though, the problems between the MOVE organization attempting to gain the economic control of their own neighborhood and the police locking the city down had started years before. In 1975, because of MOVE’s pro black stance on equality, they became a full fledged target and the harassment became a part of life for them. And in 1976 they became the victims of viciously provoked attacks over a disturbing the peace complaint that wouldn’t have been able to merit a ticket nowadays.The result was a violent beating given to MOVE supporters on the street who questioned the polices actions and an attack on two women one of whom, Janine Africa,was assaulted by police, thrown to the floor and stomped with her 3 week old baby in her arms resulting the death of her child, Life Africa.

In 1978 a raid on the MOVE headquarters ended violently with 9 people jailed for 30-100 years for the alleged shooting of police officer James Ramp. Sketchy evidence and numerous inconsistencies were abound but led to Judge Edwin Malmed's sentencing the 9 MOVE members regardless. Some have even said that Malmed was the catalyst for the police attack. When asked by Mumia after the trial "Who shot James Ramp?" Judge Edwin Malmed replied that he "didn’t have the faintest idea" and stated that since the members of MOVE wanted to be tried together he sentenced them together. Even conservative white republicans in the area listening to the local talk radio show were disturbed by this response which unabashedly divulged the frivolous legality of what the court system was passing off as justice. It is this type of investigative reporting as I stated earlier that brought him to attention of authorities.

The story of Mumia was not a winding confusing series of events that no one has any remembrance of there are several witnesses to these atrocities. Those who insist on Mumia’s guilt would do themselves a disservice by not asking of themselves that the reworking of evidence, attacking of witnesses and not granting someone a fair trial is not only a disservice to Mumia but also a disservice to the memory of the other person whose life was taken from them on that day, Daniel Faulkner

The police have a brotherhood. A brotherhood they are rarely ever seen to betray. A code of silence where they do not testify against other officers. They believe anyone guilty of the murder of an officer should receive the death penalty- no questions asked. But a question comes to mind, if Mumia is not guilty and his coverage of the police raid of the home in 1978 already left him as a person of interest for the government, why was he under FBI surveillance since he was 14 years old? Ask yourself, is he on trial for what he allegedly did the night of December 9th because he is the person who would fit the description of who they would want to be responsible- a strong, articulate, self educated African man who would not deny his culture or watch his family and friends abused by a notoriously racist police dept? Is he the person who fits the description of what you need guilt to be in order to justify the way you see the world.

I ask this to those that would view this with skepticism because that skepticism created by the right wing to counterbalance reason does Daniel Faulkner a disservice as well as Mumia. It leaves his killer at large and destroys what's left of the credibility of the justice system. The harder they squeeze the more reality slips through their fingers and when it is all said and done, what is the legacy of this trial. Justice? Retribution? None of the above, it is simply the fact that for the past 26 years an innocent man has been behind bars and slowly but surely media outlets like our own BET have been pressured to maintain their distance from him. Black and Latino politicians have been pressured to stop bringing him up. The Murder of an officer is a serious crime, and so anyone that would add doubt to the government's version of the events is attacked by the right and abandoned by the left. An interesting transition of events that seems to repeat itself with other things and is why the Democratic party is so weak. But the management of this trial and the way that this government has run its police dept. leaves no question that they wouldn't go through all the trouble if they weren't hiding something.

* Footnote: Mumia was not a violent man, he was not a sadist like officer Geist who carried out the first assault on the MOVE home in 1978, and whose own wife shot him to death after years of merciless abuse. This occurred after the trial over the raid of the MOVE home in 1978 and was kept out of the court because officer Geist's wife was pressured not to speak on it by police.

No one asks to be a Revolutionary Martyr, no one asks to be Nelson Mandela, Mumia, Shaka Sankofa, or Hurricane Carter. Mumia Abu Jamal didn't leave his house that morning thinking "I'm going to spend the next quarter of a century in prison so that I may provide an example to the world of police corruption and injustice done in a land that professes to be the most advanced and civilized nation in the world." But when he left his house that day for work that's exactly what he became and unless you know your rights and unless you arm yourself intellectually and are able to understand the legal system and the changes that are occurring quietly but rapidly in our legal system asking questions can bring you the same fate.

Someone once told me that Pennsylvania was Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and Mississippi between them. I think having lived there and been incarcerated there, while I have not seen Mississippi and therefore cannot draw the comparison. But I will say there that it is a State of the Union in name only and still has pockets of confederate resistance all over the place. It's a state notorious for having a huge amount of hate groups. It is a place that we must take back before we even think of expanding anywhere else on the East.

Mumia represent a lot of things for different people, but to me he represents something very simple, not abandoning your brothers because of public pressure when you believe their cause to be true. When there were no WMD's found in Iraq that didn't stop the right wing. Dick Cheney claimed they were moved and they was a relationship between Al-Quaeda and Iraq. Sean Hannity, the man who is so far right he's approaching the justification for fascism in defense of democracy, claimed they were probably moved to Syria. But this is NOT the mirror image to their extreme dedication to a lie that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the course of seeking out their self fulfilling prophecy of catastrophe. This is the story of an incident that was covered up on December 9th in 1981 where two people lost their lives. And in the interest of seeking a quick and easy decision against someone whose believe in self determination and struggle made him a likely candidate all other possibilities were stripped from the systems mind. "Black Militants want to kill us," kept being repeated. "Maybe Mumia was jealous of Officer Daniel Faulkner’s freedom," because of course freedom is why people carry out world wars and terrorist attacks. Or maybe he was just speaking for the voiceless and his punishment for doing so was to be incarcerated on charges for a crime he didn't commit.

While there are those that will forget him, others will change their stance and claim his guilt to feel like they belong to the majority. There are people who will continue to fight for his release and a new fair trial without the racism, corrupted evidence and moral ambiguity of the government’s tactics in 1981 and subsequently after. Which, if you think about it, was only 11 years after America granted Black People the right to vote.

So vote today and everyday with your actions, not for a president, but for Justice that must be done around you, and for the struggle of Mumia who is not forgotten in Harlem NYC or around the world.

Peace & Respect,



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco - Change

Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 LS

Color: Stealth/Varsity Royal-Sport Red

I just got these beauties on Saturday at my new spot in Irvington next to Urban Mall. I was looking for some high tops and these were just sitting there. You know I couldn't just leave them there for someone else..lol.

This is the coolest thing I've learned about the Jordan brand recently.... they coordinate... that's right people, you can now go and pick up a matching fitted, tee-shirt, polo shirt, jacket and socks..lol. I'm not too sure about the socks part but everything else is a go. If you have the same pair I have here's some joints that they make for it.

EPMD - Da Joint


Monday, May 21, 2007

Master P... I mean P. Miller... excuse me!

Master P issued the following open letter in response to comments made by 50 Cent at a recent BET news conference.


Curtis Jackson's comment motivated me. There are a lot of immature
people in the world. Oprah Winfrey is absolutely right, we need to grow
up and be responsible for our own actions. I paid for Curtis's first
rap tour through the south. He was such a humble guy at the time. Most
artists' mission is to sell records. My mission is to help save and
change lives. There's a lack of knowledge and false information out
there. I could actually say Little Jay and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired my
successful career and I will always respect them no matter what. I wrote
the blueprint for this generation. The only difference is there's no
more honor and respect in the game.

Think about it: people in jail are not writing letters proclaiming to
come out and do the same thing that landed them there in the first
place. People in the hood don't want to stay poor for the rest of
their lives. They want to change. Parents that really love their kids
would rather sacrifice their own lives so that their kids could make a
change to have a better life and a better education. I'm glad that
there are people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and organizations like
the NAACP that are out there fighting for our rights and dignity. I have
finally realized that EVERY person is either a part of the problem or
part of the solution and that is why I have decided to take a stand!
I'm reaching out to corporate America to form an alliance for the sake
of putting the value back into our communities by rebuilding and
developing schools and businesses.

First of all, it's simply disappointing to see people that are in a
position to help make a change just sit back and entertain the
negativity. It's sad to see Steven Hill set all of these programming
standards at BET, just to contradict himself for the sake of marketing
dollars or artist performances in order to create the appearance of a
successful award show. The record company with the biggest marketing
check controls the music video stations so we need to go after the
people who actually control these programming networks if we want real

I guess by taking a stand, my son and I will probably not be invited
back to the BET awards. But it's O.K. I got love for BET; there are a
lot of good people there. Hopefully, this will help people to see the
real changes that need to be made. My son and I will sacrifice our
airtime because this is bigger than us, this issue desperately needed to
be addressed a long time ago.

There are four things that differentiate me from artists like Curtis
Jackson. One, I can honestly admit that I was once part of the problem.
Two, I don't want my son to grow up and be like me. I want him to be
better and do better - and that is why he is taking the time to pursue a
college degree. Three, money don't make me, I make money. My goal is
to educate our people in building generational wealth and knowing how
important it is to own real estate. Four, I'm a TRUE entrepreneur; my
boss is God not Jimmy Iovine. From one brother to another, if you
misunderstand my purpose you could always pick up the phone or talk to
me in person. I'm trying to be part of the solution not the problem.
The media thrives on entertaining, especially the negativity no matter
what the cost. I'm praying for the brothers that are lost out there.

Throughout the years, I have lost so many relatives and friends. This
year, I'd like to focus on the comedy movies because we need to laugh
more. The first movie that I'm producing is "Black Supaman" and
thereafter will be "The Mail Man" starring Tony Cox and myself.
I'm setting up a book tour for "Guaranteed Success" and a Hip Hop
Business class with financial expert Curtis Oakes for those seeking
knowledge. I understand that I can't change the whole Hip Hop
industry; I'm only trying to do my part. If you're real, be a part
of the positive movement with Take A Stand Records.com Look for the
first single "I Wanna Be Like You" from the album "Hip Hop
History." I'm in negotiations with Wal-Mart and Target for direct
distribution. Those are all examples of the positive difference I am
trying to make in this industry.

I'm reaching out to my friends Shaquille O'Neal, Will Smith, Russell
Simmons, Queen Latifah, Derek Anderson, Charles Barkley, Emmitt Smith,
Beyonce, and Reverend Run to help contribute to this positive movement.
I will also be holding a press conference with the president NAACP and
will be able to answer any questions at that time.

I am not asking any other hip-hop or gangsta rap artist change what they
do; that's how they make their money. Furthermore, I am not a
preacher; I'm just telling the world what I'm doing and the changes
that I am making because it's something I want to do. If that's
sending mixed signals to people then they need to deal with their own
conscience first.

P. Miller

Watch out Curtis... don't forget about P...lol

Tony Philippou- Jeezus Piece Is My Pimp

I love this piece. For more info and pics check out Sound of Art.

Santerians: The Art Of Joe Quesada

The Gallery at the Franklin H. Williams Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) debuts their first ever comic book exhibit, Santerians: The Art of Joe Quesada curated by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez of Somos Arte, a New York based creative services firm in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, Inc. CCCADI brings to the world an exhibit of illustrations bridging the gap between super heroes and spirituality, featuring the first Latin American super-hero team, the Santerians. The exhibit offers the public an up-close view of artwork depicting characters that are based on the popular yet, misunderstood religion, Santeria. The exhibition features the original illustrations of Quesada’s work from the Marvel Comic series Daredevil: Father where the popular character Daredevil meets a new team of heroes, the Santerians. The show is now on exhibit through July 30, 2007, Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and the first Saturday of every month on the 2nd floor gallery at 408 W. 58th Street. For group tours please contact Monthina Williams at (212) 307-7420 extension 3006 or via E-mail at mwilliams@cccadi.org.

21st Century Hustle magazine

21st Century Hustle is a quarterly Magazine that covers the worldwide experience of making a living and living a life AKA The Global Grind Culture. 21st represents the beginning of a journey through the hearts, minds and grind of Go Getters from the past, present and future. We live to live not to work. Success is filled with living. Work without life is for Suckers. Life is all encompassing. It is what you do to make a living yet it is what you would do to live your life. Its the thing you would do in your sleep. It cn come on vaction with you(it actually sponsors the vacation). Its what we call the 24 hour grind. Because its just like your heartbeat it only hurts when it stops. It was what we did before jobs were invented. Its going to be what you do we you get laid off. It is the shit…The ultimate freedom to do--- Check it out here.

Lumidee f/ Pitbull - Crazy

Jim Jones- "Lockdown,USA"

On the 34th anniversary of the harshest drug laws in the world being passed in NY -- the Rockefeller Drug Laws -- Hip Hop megastar Jim Jones' releases a new song calling for the laws to come to an end. Dipset Capo releases Lockdown, USA" which is featured in the upcoming documentary "Lockdown, USA", directed by Rebecca Chaiklin and Michael Skolnik about Russell Simmons' campaign to end the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

To take action, go to: www.drugpolicy.org

For more information on the film:
www.lockdownusa.com or info@mskolnik.com

Bobbito Garcia

Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. "Make It Happen" a.k.a. "Boogie Bob" a.k.a. "Bag of Tricks" is a playground veteran, having played in New York tournaments for over 30 years. This compilation of highlights includes footage from the And 1 Open Run, Harlem's Kingdome Classic and Pelham Fritz 38 and Over League, the Puerto Rico Streetball Tour, and other games from the last 10 years. A former pro player in Puerto Rico, Bob is still actively running fulls in the parks

arcangel y de la guetto- Sorpresa

Beanz say it aint show...

It's not cool to be that? Dude is still a great rapper but I don't see nothing past that now. I'm just sick of people passing judgment on the next man. Cause I'm pretty sure everybody that has to deal with most rappers are saying the same thing about them.... "That's cool to be? That's not cool!" It's whatever. It's in the fucking vains of Americans to pre-judge everybody and everything.... can't blame the child I guess.

Glow in the Dark Liberty

Here's a sneak peek of Erick Scarecrow's Glow in the Dark Liberty. There was only 125 pcs and will only be available exclusively at Neon Martian in the UK.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Creative Recreation Summer 07

Check out my favorite styles for the 07' summer from Creative Recreation.
Pics ripped from Highsnobiety.com

Saturday, May 19, 2007

don omar - adios

Nore "Cocaine Cowboys"


Dude is KILLING it in Essex County... Keep up the running. I haven't seen so much hit & runs since TYR ONE in the mid 90's... DAMN those where the days....

The crazy part about this one explains alot about why I love graph. OK BRUCE BI$$HOP hit up the "white" wall. But as you can see it was a bad job of covering something else over. If your old enough to remember with Jesse Jackson was running for Pres. this was one of his walls that said "Let's keep hope alive, Vote for Jesse Jackson for Pres." So whoever thought Barack Obama was the first black dude to run for Pres. ... that's a lie...lol.
But anyway somebody "white walled" it and to me BRUCE BI$$HOP just made things right.Now that's some American history for your ass..lol

and by any chance BRUCE BI$$HOP your reading this (yeah right), nuff respect. You're reppin' a lost art in the hood.

Green Label Art

11 different artists got to design a 16oz aluminum bottle for Mountain Dew, this is the first time a soda company has used aluminum bottles in the United States, most commonly used in Japan. Ranging from Jeff Staple and Dr. Revolt to the likes of TWEEQiM, Chuck Anderson and Methamphibain. Check the site for more details on this project and for any designers out there, enter the design your own bottle contest.

Friday, May 18, 2007

K1X Clothing & Buckshot Billboard

Vader Project.

Here's some pics I just recieved....

Cameron Tiede




Dave Horvath Ugly Doll Co-creator

Amanda Visell

-May 16, 2007 (Los Angeles, CA)-- The Vader Project, a reimagining of the iconic Darth Vader helmet by some of today's hottest pop and underground artists, will have its World Premiere May 24 to 28th, 2007 at Star Wars Celebration IV, a landmark event being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The five-day event is expected to attract more than 25,000 Star Wars fans from around the world (www.gencon.com/2007/swciv).

Shrek 3

This weekend's mission!!!!


Kidrobot's June Releases

10" Smorkin' Labbits

10". Smorkin'. Labbits. Cigarette inhaling classics from the twisted mind of designer / illustrator Frank Kozik. Big, beautiful and chronically self destructive! That's the best kind of self destructive!
Available for $39.95 in White, Green Glow, and Blue Glow!
Exclusively available in 1 color at all Kidrobot locations - Limited Mint Green (400 total pieces!).
Mini MUNNY Mobile

Super Fresh Wheels for a Super Fresh Do-It-Yourself Toy!
Mini MUNNY clocks in at 4 inches with easily removable arms and head, ultimate posability, and a huge dose of super cuteness.
Mini MUNNY can go fast or go slow - know why? Because of the Mini MUNNY Mobile!
The Mini MUNNY Mobile is 8 inches long, comes blind packaged with 4 mystery accessories (in classic MUNNY style) to deck out Mini MUNNY's ride, a removable super cute Mini MUNNY, real rolling wheels, and a giant road map by iLovedust to color, treasure, eat off of or just plain enjoy!
You can draw and paint on Munny and his Munny Mobile. Use crayons, pencils, ketchup or anything else you can think of. Pimp Munnys ride and take an adventure with MUNNY! The possibilities are ENDLESS!
The Mini MUNNY Mobile can be parked in your driveway June 14th for $39.95.
Shogun and Geisha Dunny

Huck Gee has taken his fascination with Japanese feudal history to the next level and fused it with the 8 inch Dunny. The Shogun and Geisha finally appear out of history and legend (after much speculation) in 2 versions - red and blue - 300 of each color pair produced.
The Shogun Dunny protects the kingdom from the Eastern barbarians with an impressive collection of weaponry and disciplined combat technique. Each Shogun comes with full vinyl armor, tsuba, sashimono, densen, naginata, katana, wakizashi and geta.
The Geisha Dunny preserves the elegant ancient arts of Japan and entertains royalty through singing, music, dancing and light conversation. Each Geisha comes with a full patterned fabric kimono, obi, geta (sandals) and fan.
The Red version will be available exclusively through Kidrobot retail locations and online. The Blue version will be available only at select retailers worldwide.
Available for $100 each.