Monday, March 31, 2008

Kreme in Newark New Jersey is finally open!

Yup! It's here! Newark's first streetwear boutique! Did I use enough !!!!!' Come check it out, it' on 210 Market street Newark New Jersey.
As soon as I get a flyer online for the grand opening party that's happening at the end of the month I'll post it. Come down and check it out.

DunkXchange @ Crash Mansion March 30 2008 pics

Straight Laced Moved!

Saturday me and my bro'hem go all the way to New Brunswick (which is like an hour and a half ride) from Black Flag in Clifton to check out Straight Laced. We easily get parking (I should have known that something was up right and walk to Straight Laced. We start to walk up the steps and see a FOR RENT sign in the window. The level of pissed off I can not I couldn't believe so I called my sister to check out the myspace page and this is what it said....

Straight Laced is in the moving process. 42 Easton Ave is the past. New location under renovation and will be revealed soon. Along with info for a Grand Re-opening party of epic proportions.

Cool... Luckly NJ Skateshop was still across the street so we still go to do some shopping. My brother got his first pair of SB Dunks.

After my brother got his first pair of SB's we went to Sears in Woodbridge Mall and he got his first two pair of Levi's... my brothers turning into a streetwear kid?lol...

DunkXchange @ Crash Mansion March 30 2008

Yesterday Julez and I went to our first DunkXChange show. Pretty dope but we got there around two hours We didn't get to see UNI perform, which was the reason we went but it was def. an experience. Leroy Jenkins, Mishka and a couple of up and coming clothing labels will be there. Before we left I met this dude and was telling me about his shop in the Bronx. The small collection of gear that he had there was good so I actually checked out his website which is great. I was very happy checking through the site because you can tell that someone put some time and effort on it. Julez took a couple of pics so I'll have that up as soon as he puts them up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Video: Blu & Exile- Blu Collar Workers

tokidoki for MIMOBOT

Meletta mimobot

Pastaio mimobot

Pirate Nero mimobot
Pre-order them now here.

21 Maroons

Format Magazine has an interview with them here. Check out their myspace page here.

T2 Videos

I read about T2 in the Fader Magazine. I fell in love with uk garage/grime music about 2 years ago and am sad that it's dead but I def. like this guy's music. Check out his myspace page here.

Gear: New From Polo Ralph Lauren

Check out whats new from Polo here.

X-Box / GTA special edition

I guess I'll be getting me an X-BOX!!!
Read all about it here.

NIke Running Man Pack- Waist Bag

Read about it here.


Cop one @ Cap City.

Kix: Nike Air Structure Retro- Sunburst/Black/Vivid Blue

Nike Air Structure Retro - Sunburst/Black/Vivid Blue

Buby Is 4 Da Ladies: Nike Womens Dunk “Liberty Fabric” Pack

Nike Womens Dunk “Liberty Fabric” Pack