Thursday, February 9, 2012

Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West- Ni**as In Paris

The History of the Boombox

151 Wooster Wild Style Wall

Video: Gucci Mane (Feat. Rocko) - Chicken Room

Video: Yelawolf - Marijuana

Yelawolf - Marijuana (Produced By Willpower, Directed By Figz & Yelawolf) from Figz! on Vimeo.

Video: Asher Roth - Dope Shit



Video: Zebra Katz - Ima Read (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Video: Bei Maejor - The Truth


Video: Action Bronson x Riff Raff "Bird on aWire"

Action Bronson x Riff Raff "Bird on aWire" Official Video from Max Albert on Vimeo.

Video: Fader Lima - Zombie

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Video: M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Douglas A. Blackmon speaks at The National Museum of American History with Bernard and Shirley Kinsey

Slavery By Another Name - Promo

Diary: 2/2/12

broke night last night because i slept all day yesterday so i did laundry in the a.m. after a night of blogging. i cracked my tooth during the knicks game i went to a couple of weeks ago and today it broke in half.. bad enuff my grill is fukked up as is.. shit! after i took a shower and got dressed i was feeling like shit.. tired, not sexy, anti- social and anxiety were all creeping up on me. 

I had to take my income taxes to my guy (swear to god im doing it myself next year. he doesnt have to fandango shit anymore. thats an extra 70 bux in my pocket). So i couldnt just say fuck today and lay back down. 

As Im walking to the bus stop I see a police car and officer at my bus stop. its a shame that i have no love for the boys in blue. I dont do ANYTHING criminal anymore and even most of my friends are clean now but i still feel a certain type of way about them. OVERSEERS! lol.. but as i approach the bus stop i see a local drunk/bum/wine-0 layed out on the ground. everybody is laughing cause this dude is always fucked up but when the cop looks at me as he laughs with everyone i give him the shit face and started a tuff face stare off until my bus came. lol.. asshole. and what bugged me out is he didnt have a bulletproof vest on. thats CRAZY! its IRVINGTON my dude... smh.

After a rant on twitter my ppls mentioned starbucks. mind you im pretty much broke as shit (which is another reason i needed to run my ass to the income tax guy asap) but damnit i changed my whole route to go all the way downtown newark to get my Venti ("meaning 20" -role models. lol) Caramel Macchiato w/ extra Caramel, an extra shot of espresso and whipped cream!  Because if im going out im going out with a 5 dollar and 50 cent heart attack! Walked to Penn Station, got on the bus. I was really happy with my Starbucks and a empty bus.

That shit changed because theres one stop on that bus that sucks the big one... Martin Lurther King Jr Blvd & Market Street.. FUCK! Kids from Essex County College, UMDNJ, Rutgers and two or three different high schools not to mention the adults coming from the Essex County Courthouse all get on the bus. That fucking bus was mega packed but i still had a seat.. until two stops later the back door opens up and a blind lady is getting on and nobody was moving so you know i had to get my righteous ass up lol. Not a happy trip my friends. 

Usually i just drop my paperwork to my income tax guy but today it was empty so he pulled up a seat for me and seeing how alot of my info changed i sat down and chilled for a minute. he was the company bus driver for my old job so we was chopping it up. as im finishing up a chick i used to work with came in and we started kicking it. This chick made enuff last year that she owed moneys to the government so i offered my services for a small fee.. lol. even offered her references ... a niggas broke, hardtimes means i gots to get it lol. seeing how i was close to my boy Handsome Dan's job i was gonna stop by and chill for a minute. She offered to drop me off. I miss chilling with her... 

onetime she dropped me off at 492 (the house i was raised in, were my folks, grandparents, siblings and i lived) and my grandparents were coming out of the house. they just saw me kiss and get out of a car with a white women driving. they were smiling from ear to ear.. lol. she always brings it up because as my grandmother started making her way to the car my grandfather yanked her ass and told her to get into their car lol. i told homegirl that now she was invited to all the family functions. baha.

She drops me off at my boys job and wouldnt you know it... he was chilling outside w/ our boy, his wife and some other dudes. So you had 4 black men and a spic building on knowledge in front of Orange Public Library. It was a beautiful thing. We had a couple of passers-by stop and contributed to the conversation. it was amazing... but there was one dude that said whatsup to my boy and he looked mad familiar and i realized he worked with me in Sears back in the day. So it was a beautiful reunion and he handed everyone a flyer. He's starring in a film thats going to be on PBS on the 13th  called Slavery by Another Name. I got there around 4pm and we closed the place down at 630. It ended up being a great day! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fashion: RVLT Spring 2012 Lookbook


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