Monday, February 25, 2008

YouTube Finds!

DC Shoes Collaborates with Commonwealth- A trailer for the Collabo

You NEED To Have More Fun- Trailer for Ian Reids new dvd coming out. Check for more info.

DIARY OF THE DEAD - TV SPOTS 1 & 2- From legardary zombie movie maker.

Nicky Jam Ft Rakim & Ken-Y - Ton Ton Ton- I like the song except for the "Ton Ton Ton"

Kim Jones at PIEROGI- James Klam always does it big and Kim Jones is big.

behind the scenes of silly wit ma 9 millie- I already posted the video so here's the behind the scenes footage.

MIAUK TOUR PART 2- MIA on tour in the UK. I still can believe that my girl Santogold is Trouble Andrew's girl. I don't like sharing. :OP

exclusive interview w/ megzz (aka) kisses & zebb live - DCole interviewing some Harlem Dancers.

young deon (sing or go home drop)- Def. like unpolished R&B singers more then most of the mainstream dudes.

Kidrobot Dunny Trading Party- Urbanz Toys hosted a Dunny Trading Party

Video: Nino Man- I Ain't Gon Call Her

Video: Estelle Feat Kanye West- American Boy

I love this song... I want to take a walk though SoHo listening to this on a nice day! today... it was great out.

Peep my new watch.

I'm not a big watch dude (I haven't had one in three years) but I was walking on Ferry Street in Newark and spotted this. I walked passed it and had to go back because it's hard for me to find a watch I like. What you think?

Toy Culture: Goonies figures

I swore that I posted these figures before but I guess not. Love 'em!!! They are 9 inches tall which consist of Sloth, Data, Mikey, Mouth, and Chunk. Get some here.

Micci vinyl?

Erick sent me an email with this page and just one comment... "Guess what's coming out."
Keep a look-out for more info here.

New York Comic Con News!

Grant Morrison will be at NYCC this year...YES!!! GRANT MORRISON is the writer of BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, DOOM PATROL, THE INVISIBLES, KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND, NEW X-MEN, THE FILTH and more. Cant wait!
Also these two great guys will be there as well....

Alex Ross

and Michael Mignola from Hellboy fame. Check out some more guest here.

Rob & Big Episodes on

You can watch whole episodes of Rob & Big on Check it out here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A/side B/side

"------ A-side B-side Media is a new platform for artist of all genres, signed and unsigned alike. The minds at Lemar and Dauley clothing are developing a way to reach new ears and break down cultural barriers with the use of online media. A-side B-side hopes to capture the same opened minded individuals that support independent clothing brands and street culture in general. We hope to keep true Hip Hop alive and still offer popular sounds of today’s culture. We also hope we can introduce different forms of musical and video expression to a fresh generation. Artist of any status are welcome to submit original tracks to A-side B-side. We are looking for exciting new sounds and polished old sounds. All forms of music are welcome, rap, big beat, techno, rock, jazz…We realize not every artist has a recording budget but if you do have music videos or commercials for your band please feel free to submit them. We have already received music from some better-known artist and we believe this is a good way for some of you to get a broader audience to listen. We wish everyone could be heard but unfortunately we will follow strict criteria when selecting submissions but please continue to make contact with us, as we are sure many of you will grow as artist and perfect your particular craft. A-side B-side has plans to start offering production in music and film but for now it is in its experimental stages. We do hope you decide to participate in A-side B-side in anyway possible. We accept any kind of feedback you have. Currently we are using, as a way to reach all of you but will be up and running shortly. In the meantime we hope you hear something cool at A-side B-side on myspace and continue to come back for more updates."
Check out their website here.

Download.... Action Figures!!!!

Cool Kids new song Action Figures is Downloadable for everyone... just click on the myspace player and grab it.. here.

Mickey Factz DAP Magazine #3

I always wondered who sang the Supra's song.

Nas - What It Is (First Listen By Dj Khalil)

Wow spitting that real shit homey! We back!

State of the Black Union

Here's Part 1 and 2 on

Friday, February 22, 2008

Video: Jin- Open Letter To Barack Obama

Feb. 21's shopping. Part 1

I just copped a pair of these. They are called the "Fender Bass” Dunk Mid SB. This Dunk was made in the reflection of the classic Fender Bass guitar. The silver toe box represents the metallic portion of the Fender Bass. They feature two tone suede and the brown represents the wood on the guitar.Love 'em.

Now I'm looking for a nice grey sweater to go with it. I'm going to debut them March 1st, I'm going to see Platanos and Collard Greens.

"Platanos & Collard Greens is the hit romantic comdic play that tells the story of Freeman, an African-American man, and Angelita, a Latino woman, who are both forced to confront and overcome cultural and racial prejudices, while defending their bond from family and friends. Platanos will remind you of your your family, your love and your life. Platanos is guaranteed to make you laugh, inspire you, and make you think!Platanos has enchanted audiences of over 40,000 both Off Broadway in New York City and at over 100 colleges and universities in more than 17 states around the country."
So I went to Irvington Center and stopped by Fast Break and they just started stocking up on the jacket below

It's from Live Mechanics and it's FIRE!! I never really cared for the label but they did their numbers on this one. I told them I was going to watch the play and one of the dudes told me he just got some tickets for the JayZ and Mary J concert and dropped 350 for two tickets...SSSSSSSSSHHHITTTT!! lol.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Video: Lil Wil- My Dougie

Video: Count & Sinden feat. Kid Sister- Beeper

Video: Rick Ross Feat T-Pain- Boss

My Daily Motion Daily Finds!

Sha Stimuli POW Radio Freestyle -I got one of his mixtapes and liked it alot but I haven't heard from him in a minute. Hopefully he's on the come up.
Prodigy - Freestyle 101- Watch him on G4TV
DUBB - Go To War - I never heard of this guy... new artist
Sean Price Freestyle- Love anything Sean P.!
Jadakiss - Welcome To The Roc - Love Jada and that beat is sick.
Cool Kids Freestyle- Yall know they are my fav. group right now, right?

Kix: Supra @ Boutique Frash

I could def. get my Mad Max on with these!
Pic Via

Mad Hatter: New Era's fitted carry case!!!

Damn this would be alot better then the alife bags that my fitteds are chilling
Pics Via Strictly Fitted

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Star & Buc Wild are back.

Damn I miss them. Check out the stream here.

Video: Sheek Louch- Good Love

jd allstar party 08

Juan Epstein

I don't know if you know who Peter Rosenberg is but he's the only underground dj I know on the radio in nyc. He's on Hot97 on sunday nights. I'm pretty sure you know who Cipha Sounds is from the Funkmaster Flex radio show and he does a show on MTV called Sucker Free. Together they have a podcast called Juan Epstein it is funny as hell. If you liked stretch and bobbito back in the day I think you would love this. Check out the podcast here.

Gear: 3Sixteen Spring Line

Freakin' has better pics of 3Sixteen Spring line. Better then the damn

My Daily Motion Daily Finds!

Feist- I Feel It All: Feist newest music video

Talib Kweli- Hostile Gospel Pt 1 (Deliver Us): Talib Kweli's newest video the EARDRUM album.

On Set With Guru & Solar: Behind the scenes of his newest video

NBA Dunk Contest Highlights

Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Big Show: Did Floyd really break the Big Shows nose?

Smoothe Da Hustler- Hustler's Theme
: Classic Video

Method man & Redman

King Tee & dj pooh

Wu Tang

Cypress Hill

Notorious BIG

WOW! I remember running to the liquior store to get the free mixtapes with all the

Da Ranjahz Feat Cee-Lo- Inspiration

My Daily Youtube Video Finds!

College Party Promo- Terrace Ballroom March 6, 2008 - Check out the Brick City Club Scene

Charles Barkley Speaks the Truth about Republicans- The Young Turks- Charles Barkley has always talked like an angry old

The Original Videograf Series Issue 1 - Phase2 Clip- Graf legend Phase2 in a rare interview

Gear: Kozik Crew Neck

Too much $$$
Too small in size
But I can still love it!!!!
Pic Via

Batman: Gotham Knight Sneak Peek Preview

Kix: Nike Dunk Be True- Full Color Series

Hey. They made a pair for every gang around my way. Bloods, Crips and the Latin Kings. lol.
Read more here.

Kix: The Pierre Andre Senizergues Drinking Age (PAS DA) Collection

OF COURSE~ there are only 21 pairs made of these
OF COURSE~ I think these are the only pair of Etnies I'v ever posted
OF COURSE~ that sucks balls
Pic Via

Trailer- Pineapple Express

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mountain Wingsuit



Cap City just got in some new Crooks & Castles and Kidrobot fitteds.
Pic Via CapCity

Video: De La Ghetto & El Roockie- Martes de Galeria

Video: Hezekiah- Wild & Wreckless


Yo! Either these dudes been locked up for awhile or they took that jungle gym as a kid too But really I was thinking they would make great Role Models for kids seeing how unhealthy most kids are in my community. They could be some hood They should start going to schools and show off their skills.

Mad Hatter: Gold Coin's

Gold Coin has been my fav. when it comes from all the pics and news coming from The Magic Trade Show.
Pic Via SF

Mad Hatter: STALL & DEAN’s RUCKER Park- The MB Pros

Although the colorway is a nice one, the thing that caught my eye on this fitted is the MB in the wings. QUITE Ill!!
Pics Via Strictly Fitted

A Bathing Ape & Spongebob Sqaurepants Plush

Pics Via

NY Skating!

Yo I have to cop another copy of Ian's DVD. I think I got jacked my damn

Video: Dolla, T-Pain & Tay Dizm- Who The F*** Is That

I haven't been to a hood club or gogo bar in awhile but I know this def. gets enough play. But this guy Dolla is just as good as BOW T-Pain and a hot beat can make anybody a hit. I can't wait for a rapper I like to rap over this!

Freekey is the illest... hahahhaaha

YO! Freekey is one of the funniest characters in hiphop right now. But don't get it twisted; he will rob a nigga and take the pussy with a Def. a person to like from far away. I knew plenty of people like him in high school, a nice bully. And is it me or did Un Kasa actually get nice?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Toy Culture: Sket-One's RIPPLE

Each RIPPLE is over 8" tall and comes with 5 sets of magnetic eyes to alter his expression. Two FLAVORWAYs to choose from, Marshmellow (white version) limited to 500 pieces and Licorice (black flock version) limited to 300 pieces.

Suggested Retail $50

Two little drummer boys!

Who said that musicians nowadays lack style and class? Questlove and Travis Barker are great drummers in their own right and thanks to them both being so f'ing cool we get to see great things like this. Thanks to the internet and people who love recording everything under sun I get to see stuff like this!

Kix: Nike SB March '08 - Dunk Hi Pro SB Forest/Varsity Red

Pics Via

I always say I want to get away from the colorful stuff but stuff like these always get my palette Love 'em, need 'em!

Saturday night felt like ESPN

Last night was a sporting event banaza! You had the NBA All-Star Events, Pay Per View Boxing & MMA on showtime.
First let's get rid of the Pay Per View fight. THATS WAS CRAP!!! Ok, now on to the good stuff(I'm still mad I put $20 on it!). NBA All-Star Slam Dunk, 3-pointer & that new event they have for point guards is what I like best about the NBA All Star Weekend.

and when Dwight Howard put on his Superman cape on it was a wrap... SUPERMAN THAT HOE!! I was twisted off of REDBULL & HENNESSEY so I don't really remember much else of the

Of course the Kimbo fight was the best event of the night. Quick and Just like I like it. Check out the post interview here.

Video: Jim Jones & Cobe- Love Me No More/Byrdgang Money

Jim Jones Ft. Cobe - Love Me No More/Byrdgang Money
Uploaded by Yannicklord
Jimmy -to me- is one of the best dressed HipHop dudes out there. Only Kanye, Pharrel and JayZ come to mind as far as clothing goes. Weezy is tied with him for the fourth spot. But I think JayZ might have a person who dresses him because sometimes he looks not so cool. And I think weezy hangs around cool cats so it rubs off a little. But that leather jacket jimmy is rocking in this video looks great. I have to give him credit for me copping a pair of nike boots.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Christian Audigier on the Janice Dickinson Show

(Part 1 of 2) Christian Audigier of the popular clothing line Ed Hardy hires JDMA models for the largest fashion industry tradeshow in Las Vegas...but will Janice's two top male models make the cut; Janice makes a jaw dropping announcement to the models. And you can go here to get part 2.

Wow! Pretty cool show. I don't really watch that much tv anymore but this is actually a show I could sit down and watch. But I watched part 2 before part 1 and I think the reason this show works for me is because I would love to watch a show more about the business then about drama but part 1 is heating up to some drama.Bah! Like I watched America's Next Top Model because two seasons ago they went to Japan and showed plenty of fashion and in turn I went back and saw the whole season but I realized that there's too much drama for drama's sake in there for me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cece on V-day

My baby still has a cold from superbowl weekend so she had to go to the doctor. But all is good. GOOD DAY! GOOD DAY!