Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Young Lords

Check out a book that you can read online about the Young Lords here.

Newark Art Supply

Dear Friends,

Please join us at Newark Art Supply on Wednesday, October 31st starting @ 7pm for the opening reception/costume party of Morbid Visions.

The 13 artists presented include painters, sculptors, photographers, and digital artists all inspired by the darkness. The resulting artwork is simultaneously creepy and beautiful. This strange dichotomy is what draws us in to question the beautiful/frightening thing that we call life.

Please stop by on Halloween evening to view the work and don't forget to wear a costume for the party!

WHEN: October 22, 2007 - November 3, 2007
WHERE: Newark Art Supply
61 Halsey Street Newark, NJ 07102
HOURS: Monday - Friday from 9am - 7pm and Saturday - Sunday from 11am - 5pm
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, October 31st starting @ 7pm
COVER CHARGE: $5 for food, refreshments & festivities

Newark Art Supply
Website: www.NewarkArtSupply.com
News Blog: www.myspace.com/newarkartsupply
Ph: 973.230.2828
Fx: 973.230.2862

Cnn tragedy khadafy queens documentaire

Paul Krugman on The Young Turks

Monday, October 29, 2007

Movie: Talk To Me

This movie is a great film. This movie is a time capsule. This movie has sent a standard that I think most people won't be able to reach. I should really learn to write this stuff down. Right after watching the movie, during the movie and when I first saw the trailer I had soooo much to say... now all I can think is BLAH,BLAH, BLAH.

I think Petey is how most rappers are. I'm the manager telling everybody that its more then rap and I read so much into the lyrics when half of these rappers are saying exactly what they mean. Is it their fault that I over-analyzed everyone of their lyrics or is it my fault for wishful thinking.

The part that got me is when dude said "You do the things I scared to do and I do things your scared to do." When I hear a HOT VERSE half the time I probably change the meaning of what rappers say 90 percent of the time. Maybe that's because I have something to say but I'm scared to say it....hhhmmm. DEEP!!!! lol.

This movie is probably going to be another overlooked classic by both whites and blacks. Something the Lord Made & Pride are prime examples of how great movies are not appreciated. But we tend to run to the movies to see ghetto-esque or Tyler Perry flix. Where are the films which show our children a point of pride. These two movies are just plain great film making and it hurts when neither side will watch because they assume its for the "other man".

If you've never seen these three movies please go pick them up. You will feel a whole lot better about the state of black americans in hollywood.

Adam Stennett "Use Only as Directed" at 31 GRAND

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Video: SMIF-N-WESSUN- Gunn Rap

Video: Sean Paul- Watch Dem Roll

The Puck Hits the Ice at Newark's Prudential Center

I love the fact they call the new stadium "The Rock". I think its very fitting. Very Newarkish..lol

Ignite What's Next / Day 6 / MontClaire

This what they did last week at Division East in Montclair. You remember the rant I went on....lol. O Well!

Video: R.K.M & N´Klabe- Ya no Estas

I'm started to feel as if reaggton is dying out and I think it's for the better. Now we can weed out the wack sh" and focus on some good artist. Salsa artist are dropping a lot of new stuff. I don't really care for post mid 90's artist so hopefully the reaggeton artist can help them out. I think Tego should start producing salsa because he know what I like...lol.

Talib Kweli Presents: Blacksmith TV Ep 1 "Brooklyn's Changed

O Jerusalem

Me and Draco went to see this movie yesterday. I couldn't really get into the story. I don't think they had enough character development. The three friends I guess was supposed to show three different view points of people. The Muslim, the angry Jew and the peace hopeful American Jew.The Muslim guy (see don't even remember his name) was getting sh**ted on the whole movie. The angry Jew didn't like nor care for the Muslim but the American tried to make friends of them. The muslim pissed me off with him being so f'ing passive. I wanted him to once get out-raged. If anything this movie gives people a subject for discussion. I was thinking how I feel most Americans don't think about what has or what is happening on the other side of the world. The harmful thing about that is that for the most part Americans are lambs and if someone they follow has an opinion on it they will have the same opinion. No research or trying to find out why things are the they way they are. I have no real opinion on it because I think mostly all the things written on it is sided.

What I do know is that I feel bad for what the Jews endured during the Nazi era. But I also feel bad for the Muslims who lived in Palestine and got the boot because America said so... That's about all my ideas about it in a nutshell. Hopefully a good filmmaker will watch this and have the ballas to try and do it better.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boosted Tin Can Speaker Set Vol. 1

Mobile phone carrier Boost Mobile has teamed up with artists MINT and SERF (from the East Coast) and MAINFRAME (from the West Coast) to produce these very cool, functional and GREAT-sounding desktop speakers!
The design of the desktop speaker set represents what may have been all of our first experiences with communication - just two tin cans and a string. One can has been designed by MINT and SERF; the other side of the string by DEAN BRADLEY. Compatible with mp3 player phones, iPods, desktop computers, DVD players, laptops, game consoles, etc.

Product Specifications
* Power Output: 1 Watt per channel max at 6V
* Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.3% typ at 0.5W
* Channel Separation: 40dB typ
* Audio Input: 3.5 mm stereo jack, 2.5 to 3.5 mm adaper included.
* Power: 4 AA batteries required, not included.

* Optional AC/DC power adapter Specification:
* Input - 110V AC 60Hz
* Output - DC5-9V (300 mA or above)
* Pin configuration - center positive, 2.0 mm diameter

Toy Culture: TOUMA'S SLITHER - Green

Headlock Studio has produced this new limited vinyl figure designed by reknowned Japanese toy designer Touma. The third figure in the Headlock Studio series, following 2004’s Talons and 2005’s Snout, SLITHER is a Touma’s big-grinned take on the reptilian.


This is the brainchild of Mr. Ian Ginoza and his long time friend, and champion bike rider/builder and all-around good dude, Kevin Lau.BLACK LIGHTNING is the embodiment of all bike culture (BMX, track bikes, cruisers...uh, unicycles), but at the same time, it's also about originality, individuality and being up on your own style. It's not metal, it's not hip-hop, it's not punk rock, it's not reggae, it's not hardcore, it's not a massive dirt step up, it's not being cool, it's not grinding a ledge, it's not a 540 manual, it's not about the latest trends.

Toy Culture: IWG Cubs

Rocket World expands the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo with a BRAND NEW SERIES, featuring cute and dangerous baby cubs.Youngsters across the globe love sharp sticks. Ginga, the baby white rhino, is armed with his very own sharp stick, with removeable and interchangeable marshmallow (cute) and human eyeball (gulp).
A portion of all I.W.G. sales are dontated to a variety of wildlife conservation groups, including The Gorilla Foundatation, World Widlife Fund, International Rhino Foundation, ZCOG and Friends of the Otter.

Toy Culture: TOKIDOKI

Cactus Friends - CARINA
New tokidoki Cactus Friend vinyl!
FRESH for 2007, STRANGEco introduces two brand new vinyl figures from the Cactus Friends line by Simone Legno and tokidoki - CARINA her feline pal Bruttino
New tokidoki Cactus Friend vinyl!
FRESH for 2007, STRANGEco introduces two brand new vinyl figures from the Cactus Friends line by Simone Legno and tokidoki - BRUTTINO and his feline pal Carina.

The Cactus Friends family expands with these new lovely puppies - meet the CACTUS PUPS! Each Cactus Pup is a petite and cute 1 inch tall, and is packaged with a special accessory - dog bowl, soccer ball, sausage, and more. Collect all seven!

Aurora Jolie

HAHA! I NEVER put up pictures of women or talk about the countless hours I watch or look at half naked women online (;OP) but I think Aurora is one of the most beautiful females on the planet. I know people have their own opinion on the Porn world and I'm not one to talk about it to outsiders but there was a point where I knew every porn actor by name...lol. Women tend to act disgusted by it and I know a couple of dudes that aren't into it (weird) but to each his/her own. Personally it was just part of life. I have always- at some point in a relationship asked my partner about the subject and never hid the fact that I watch it. I know a lot of dudes that hide the fact in front of women. I think you can watch it without be obsessed by it.

Ladies- if it wasn't for porn most men wouldn't know what to do..haha.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ninjasonik @ The Knitting Factory 10/23/07

Video: Ky-Mani Marley- One Time


Video: Common- I Want You

Video: RIPSHOP- A Better Day

Shred Or Die

Straight from the Website's About Us section:

Howzit? Welcome to Shred or Die.
What is Shred or Die? We aim to be the world’s best destination for action sport video, with a focus on skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, and FMX. The website is a collaboration between Or Die Networks, the creators of funnyordie.com, and skateboarding icon Tony Hawk and THI/900 Films (Tony Hawk's filmmaking company). The site, which launched on October 23, 2007 is a place where top action sports athletes, influential filmmakers and everyday users can post their favorite clips.

Our voting system lets anyone vote "Shred" for those videos that really shred, and "Die" for the videos that should get buried forever. This helps to weed out all the crap that you usually have to dig through to get to the best stuff. Feel free to forward comments, suggestions, recipes, death threats, etc. to support@shredordie.com

Video: SICKSYMPHONIES- In This Life Time

Talib kweli def poetry jam

Video: Anthony Hamilton- Do You Feel Me

Haters Free Anthem

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Danny Glover on 'The Hour'

I've never seen Danny Glover on a talk show before. He seems like a beautiful person. It's a shame that of all the talk shows I watch this is the most I've heard him talk (on a canadan show).

A Christian Dominionist in Congress

Lead Blak maybe your right..lol. Hope your watching. Trying to make you proud. :OP

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dawn Clements "Conditions of Desire" at PIEROGI GALLERY

This guy is so fuckig cool. Add him to your youtube channel. He is doing what I would love to do but dont have the energy or balls to do. Keep on trucking homie.

Trailer: Pete Seeger: Power of Song

PETE SEEGER: POWER OF SONG, the only authorized biography, Jim Brown documents the life of one of the greatest American singer/songwriters of the last century. Pete Seeger was the architect of the folk revival, writing some of its' best known songs including "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," "Turn, Turn, Turn" and "If I Had A Hammer." Largely misunderstood by his critics, including the US government, for his views on peace, unionism, civil rights and ecology, Seeger was targeted by the communist witch hunt of the Fifties. He was picketed, protested, blacklisted, and, in spite of his enormous popularity, banned from American television for more than 17 years. With a combination of never-before-seen archival footage and personal films made by Seeger and his wife, PETE SEEGER: POWER OF SONG chronicles the life of this legendary artist and political activist. The film serves as testament of Seeger's belief in the power of song above all else and his conviction that individuals can make a difference. Musicians including Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Maines, Tom Paxton and Peter, Paul and Mary appear in this intimate portrait and discuss Seeger's lasting influence on the fabric of American music. PETE SEEGER: POWER OF SONG was directed by Jim Brown and produced by Jim Brown, Michael Cohl, and William Eigen and executive produced by Norman Lear and Toshi Seeger

Video: Chk Chk Chk- Yadnus

Video: Hector ''El Father''- Pa' La Tumba

Video: Memphis Bleek- Get Ya Money Up

Sket-One Events in NYC

David Flores @ J- Dilla

David Flores finished up this painting of J Dilla recently. He is going to do 7 total for sale, all of them different colors. This is the first of the 7, and other colors will be available shortly. If you are interested in ordering one, he can do it custom colors for you, if you order in the next 2 weeks or so.
The paintings are 24x36 inches, painted on a heavy duty stretched canvas.
7 will be available.
They are $300 each.
For more info go to his Myspace page.

NIghtlife: Cecil's Jazz Club on Fri & Saturday

It's James Gibbs III's 30th birthday celebration and live R&B and Jazz show at Cecils Jazz Club this coming Friday and Saturday night!
Cecils is located @
364 Valley Road
West Orange, NJ

Him and his band will there tearing this club a new roof. If you can sing or play and would like to perform with them, just let him know. He will be glad to perform with you. Also Cecils cover charge (not his) is $15. It's going to be a packed house, so make sure you get there early. Hope to see you there!

Pick up the tickets here and don't forget to check James' Myspace page!

Juxtapoz Issue 82 : November 2007 : Shepard Fairey

When an already declared legend has a big year, we like to give a little notice, hence Shepard Fairey gracing the cover of the November 2007 issue of Juxtapoz. And guess what! We got an exclusive never-before-seen cover and 18 pages of Obey magic. Shepard covers everything from the current state of his artwork to the future at hand for Obey Giant.

Also featured in this issue: the fine artist and up-and-coming star Saelee Oh; former tattoo king turned fine illustrator Chris Conn Askew gets literary with Mike Giant; the king of the provocative, Terry Richardson, talks about stealing his roommates groceries and hallway escapades; and Australian duo Perks and Mini get weird and normal all in one story.

November also sees a little Dave Ellis, Brent Rollins, Scott Caan, Shooting Gallery, Corey Arnold, Mario Wagner, Kelsey Brookes, and some new research into the Geneva Convention.

[JUXTAPOZ Issue #82 - NOVEMBER 2007]

Napoleon talks to young men in Sydney Australia

Damn... thats whatsup. I went to school with him.. I havent seen him in a minute. Bless you my dude.

Kara Walker at the WHITNEY MUSEUM

And here's the second part. I looked for a bio type of clip but couldn't find one. I love her artwork and would like to hear her talk about it.

The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight on Attaboy

Pete Starks Strong Comments Against Bush Administration

Jeremy Scahill on Bill Moyers on Blackwater

Video: Smif N Wessun Feat. Rock & Joell Ortiz- Stomp

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday night @ Novo 10/19/07

Me, sangre and draco went to Division East in Montclair NJ to check out the Upper Playground event but by the time we got there it was over. They did an ill ass drawing of the Store's mascot but I didn't have a camera to take a pic. From there we stopped by Cafe Eclectic for a Cuban Sandwich (which are now the best ones in nj for me). Diva's Lounge was going to have the Upper Playground crew go there but we decided to go to Novo in NYC. On fridays King Stampede & Mighty Healthy do it big in there. Like a fan boy I was rocking my Mighty Healthy tee to rep. LOL...

"Did you see that chick?"

"I'd do her!"

I swear I have a lip problem

Now that's what you call MEANMUGGIN'

This is the most I've seen Draco drink in a minute.

My bottle is THAT small... BAH!! Made you look

This pic is kinda dark but shorty was looking right... looked like she was with a large crowd so I didn' push up... YEAH RIGHT! Yall know I'm a punk..lol

Hi Haters!LOL.. I'm not always in HOOD mode!

Loved the artwork for this flyer.. what event the flyer was for??? who knows..lol. But from the looks of it probably something to do with King Stampede & Mighty Healthy.

Doesn't the hand on my lap look like a pig's foot...lol

Video: T-Pain- Church

Barack Obama on Tavis Smiley

Over The Edge (1979) trailer

One of my fav. movie ever. It's up there with The Warriors, Outsiders & Beat Street. If you've never seen it please rent it.

Interview with Jimmy Rodriguez

I'm not too sure about this interview. He sure didn't give alot as if anybody knows his history. The only way I know about Jimmy Bronx Cafe was because of Fat Joe and Big Pun. And I sure thats the case with alot of people. Maybe I'll go check it out. First I have to do some research because this interview didn't give much info.

SE DC Collaboration PK RIPPER PART 1

Newark Walking Tour 4: Art Scene

Soulja Boy Night Time Stories Pt.1

Video: Hector & Jowell y Randy- Hola Bebé

Friday, October 19, 2007


Tonight I'm trying to head to Division east in MOntclair to check out the art around 6pm....
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


If we don't go to Diva's Lounge I would like to head here. Just need to get there a little early because it gets packed.

TBG- Church! Pimps In The Pulpit!

Check out the rest here.

Video: New Young Pony Club- Get Lucky