Thursday, January 31, 2008

Video: Fat Joe- 300 Brolic

UK Toyfair 2008

Check out's cover of the 2008 UK Toyfair here.

Toy Culture: Heroes Series 1 by Mezco Toyz

Pre-order them here.
Is Hiro wearing Creative Recs? lol.

Kix: Women Nikes @ KICKS/HI

Pistaschio green denim and deep mauve leather upper womens Dunk Low

This womens Blazer Mid Premium has a distrissed suede type upper that give this shoe a real fresh texture that will look real dope with black or dark indigo denim

I like the Dunk Low GS (pink animal print + brown patent leather upper and black + white speckled sole).
Pics and Info Via KICKS/HI

Toy Culture: South Park Series 5 & 6 by Mezco

I've been slacking when it comes to mainstream toys. When Mezco got the South Park license I was so happy because I knew they were going to do it right. Both series 5 and 6 are out. Series 5 is a messed-up mix of 4 popular characters: Hippie Exteminator Cartman, Tweek, Damien, and Mephesto with Kevin. The 6th series set of 4 pieces contain the following characters: Cartman in Ming Lee outfit, Mr. Slave, Nurse Gollum, and Starvin' Marvin. lol...
You can pick them up here.

Video: Blu- Just Another Day

Kix: SB Trainer TW II

Look for them in Feb.
Pic & Info Via Format

Kix: Kaws Nike AF1 Supreme

O DAMN!!! The Shoe Game caught me out there.... When I saw the first picture I was like "ahh, who cares about another AF1 with neon green stitching" but I noticed the X like stitching around it so I thought KAWS... and when I saw them I wanted them. Then I read "....with KAWS name attached to it is automatically “I need those” status." DAMN... have I become an official cornball internet sneakerhead? But my thinking was I want them because of the laces hookup and the double X's on the tongue look lovely if they were holding my jeans behind them...hmmm. Am I still corny?
KAWS Nike Air Force 1 Supreme

Mad Hatter: ERIFFS Static and SAMURAI 59Fifties

My boys @ Kreme go hard when it comes to ERIFFS but I'm not jumping on board yet. I need to see some more stuff to get me but the Static fitted is def. a good start.
Pic Via Strictly Fitted

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Video: Shyheim- Hold That Thought Fatboy

Video: Kenna- Say Goodbye To Love

Video: Kaze- Dynasty

Interview with Hiroki Nakamura

Heard his name, now read about him here.

Gear: Kilo Goods Spring 2008 collection

Pics Via

PingMag interviews Boogie

Read it here.

Gear: Reebok x Kool Aid Appeal Line

I can see myself def. rocking everything but the kix!
Pics Via

Head Porter Snow White Collection

I just think that white leather for dudes is crazy!
Read about it here.

Video: Kutiman f. Karolina- Music Is Ruling My World

"Where the Wild Things Are" Movie?

Who in the hell knew there was going to be a "Where the Wild Things Are" movie? What's going on in this world when I am just now finding out about this movie? DAMNIT!!! and it's being made by Spike Jonze! WOW!!! I'm happy now!!

Hopefully McFarland will re-release the figures...

Peedi Crakk Vs. Camel Face has the whole story and song here.

Cover for the Feb/March issue of Complex

Toy Culture: KaNo's "Get A Grip" Custom Moneygrip Show

Get a Grip!
A Custom Show Featuring Moneygrip

This custom show features up to 50 unique interpretations of the Moneygrip canvas from the scene's biggest and brightest stars. Exhibition runs through February 20th 2008.
for press inquiries please contact

Featured Artists:

Dino Alberto
Dacosta Bayley
Bil Betsovic
Andrea Breitman
Anna Chambers
Keith Ciaramello
Jared Deal
Kelly Denato
DJ Shiro
Sam Fout
Gem vs. Gem
Kaori Hamura
Jesse Hernandez
Bucky Lastard
Jason Limon
Saxton Moore
Kenn Munk
Eric Nocella
Brent Nolasco
NVC Crew
Keith Poon
Tim Shankweiler
Matt Siren
Steve Talkowski
Urban Medium

Moneygrip by KaNO:
Get A Grip here:
vid by Snare:

Kix: Nike Dunk Spring/Summer Preview

Upcoming Nike Dunk Spring/ Summer Preview

Mad Hatter: Buff Monster X Official

Pics Via Strictly Fitted
For more info go to

Steve Nash Life Story by NBA

GREAT Commercial!!!

Nightlife: Glow in the Dark Tour

DAMN!!! I need to be here... no dates are set for the tour yet but I have to go to one once!

Gear: Vices Of Our Virtues (VOOV)

For info and more pics go here.

More pics from the Museum of Natural History

I figure kanye was in ny to shot the estelle video for "american boy" becuase I saw behind the scenes pics of the video shoot and he was where the same outfit. COOL! Well for more pics go here.