Friday, March 30, 2007

Hoodiez by Carl Jones

Introducing the HOODIEZ designed by Carl Jones (from Boondocks fame)

Just wanted to show whats in the works as far as what im picking up next. Hit me up with what you think... I dont have any prices or an offical release date i have to talk to my dist. first.

and check out the Hoodiez at


Well I've tried to put up a post about Emilio Pucci here before but it never worked out. Pucci is an Italian designer who (strangely enough) was called the prince of print. Maybe that's why I've been so drawn to his work because the direction of streetwear and it's all-over prints. The way I discovered his work was I was looking for a scarf from a high-end designer that wasn't Gucci, Louie Vuitton or Prada. The prints remind me of peacocks but his website compares it to kaleidoscopes.
Well I guess I havent been the only one schoolling themselves about Pucci because I was in a store and saw this Stacks&Bundles hoodie and sweater that was def. inspired by Pucci.

Good mc's/ bad times...

I always liked Joe Budden. Everybody I know liked him too. The Game killed his career early on and PUMP IT UP ended up being his only hit. But to me his far from a one hit wonder. He had some of the most deep songs I've ever heard. He rhymes from the heart and you feel everything he says. Now check out this song. It's a remake of Broken Wings.

And check out a interview he did with here.

Look at your government at work or at least look at his footwork.. lol

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV trailer

WOW!! I'm not a real video game head anymore. The last game I got was the Marc Ecko game and Grand Theft Auto III before that. But I guess I have to get a playstation 3 for this right here. lol.


If only he did this and what he did on his mixtape and put THAT on the album!!! Sometimes you can tell what the industry does to change artist to sell to the masses. I think there were about 5 albums last year where the mixtape that came out right before the album did was better then the album you can get at best buy. That I think goes for all creative material from clothes, toys, music and movies. That's why hiphop in the 90's was great. People didn't push them to the left or the right on what to do on a album. I love streetwear because they are the indies of clothes and I love designer toys cause you dont have to worry about appealling to different age groups. So thank you Redman for putting out the mixtape for real heads. I'll keep buying if you keep putting out.

Well I'm not going to completly take off the older post but ill leave you with a classic. This was the first time I saw my block aka my neighborhood in a music video. Most of the houses in the video arent there anymore. It looks like the south bronx in the late 70's around here nowadays. And if you see the street sign that say 20th street and south orange ave. let me tell you... it was the wild west on that corner back in the early 90's... wow enjoy the video I left.

Immigration: The Human Cost

Immigration: The Human Cost

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dare I say it.... I LLLL...ike

I heard him on Miss Jones yesterday and suprise suprise she didn't diss him. He was talking a good talk. Now let's see if the album any good.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Redman's Put it down video... album in stores today! is the creation of designer/animator- Brian Castleforte. Check out NiceBunny's MySpace Page. They make hats and tshirts that you can pick up at Munky King. But check out what Brian as to say about what you can expect from

"But most importantly, there will be lots and lots of information, stories and links of all the things that matter in the world. At, you will be able to learn about much of the problems with the world, and what you can do to helpmake things better. Because you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. NiceBunny aims to help raiseawareness by informing people to what is really going on in the world, so that each and every one of us can start makingbetter choices in our daily lives. We really can change the world for the better simply by making little changes here and there.And we can all start right here, by being NICE! My name is Brian Castleforte, and this is my creation. And I believe that with your support, can be something very special. is in need of some help to make it as informative and entertaining as it can be. News finders, fact checkers, activists, marketers, writers, animators, musicians, web slingers, creative thinkers, believers and supporters.Whatever you can offer to make better, is welcome"

Now that's ill...

And to top that off go to the Nice Toys (Custom Toys) section and you can print out the model sheets, cut, glue and enjoy your own Nice Bunny figure. You can choice from Tagger, DJ and Samurai. If you want to be a rebel you can print out stencils of the NiceBunny logo and hit up the city.

Street Wear the book

It hasn't been a year yet since I have discovered the Streetwear world. It started with where all the Urban Vinyl stores were. 360 Toygroup used to be right next door to Recon/Nort and another spot that I can't think of the name of. I guess it started really with kicks. I would go to all the hipster hot spot to get exclusive kicks. The thing that bugged me out was that ALL these dudes would be buying the same kicks from the same spot. LOL. If you ask me thats not exclusive anymore. I tend to go Downtown Newark and see what they have. I've been to SoHo and someone's stopped me and asked where did I get the kicks I was wearing. I would tell them Jersey and they would bug out. It's only because these clones of cool kids just go to the same five spots and see the same "exclusive" kicks. They would probably have a field day if they would walk in a Modell's or Anyway it started with the sneaker thing. Then about 8 months ago I went to Brooklyn Circus in NY. The store was amazingly small and the clothes' sizes matched the size of the I went there for a Art event presented by The Sound Of Art. Everybody was wearing Bapes and Evisu jeans with the muskeeter cuffs But on my jouney to sell toys to stores I saw more and more what street wear was. Going to places like Division East in Montclair, City Allstars in Paterson and Ombe in South Orange I got a pretty good grasp of what streetwear was. Complex magazine and Weekly Drop helped me out a lot. But being a new comer I have no business trying to tell someone- anymore for that matter- what streetwear is. To me it's defined by the pioneers of this genre. All these stores that have been here before me are what streetwear is to me. Skaters, Graph writers, ex- That's what I saw when I first got there and that's what I'm sticking with.
But this blog is about a book- Steven Vogel's Street Wear.

Although this is the first book on streetwear I've ever seen he said it's not meant to be a beginning to end bible of what streetwear is but just his story.

-Despite what has been previously blogged about this endeavour it is by all means not a “guide” or another “fashion bible” or a “who’s who” in streetwear / street culture. One thing you will not find in this book is a definition of streetwear. I hate definitions, always have and throughout the process of creating this book a quote from one of my favourite French artists, Robert Delaunay, gave my some guidance:” I am very much afraid of definitions, and yet one is almost forced to make them. One must take care, too, not to be inhibited by them. ”-

I has a great experience reading Bobbito's book "Where'd you get those" but I never just take one persons word for it. I, my friend am a child of the Reading Rainbow

Air Jordan 3 Flip

Me and some of the crew went to SoHo on Sunday to pick up the Prodigy album that you see below. I figured I'm show the crew some sneaker spots. DQM is closed on Sundays so I didnt get to go there but we stopped at Recon/Nort to see what's crackin'. I wasn't really feeling anything until I was about to walk out the door and I saw these beauties right here...

According to they are the exclusive Air Jordan 3 Flip that are only at Paris' Nike Tier 0 store Opium and they are supposed to come out on March 31. But they only had a pair of size 6 and they were going to set me back 250 bucks. O well..... it's nice to

Monday, March 26, 2007

Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

“Return of the Mac” (Koch)

The rapper Prodigy (not to be confused with the Prodigy, from Britain) is one half of the veteran Queens duo Mobb Deep; the two released an underwhelming 2006 album, “Blood Money,” on G Unit. But he has found a great way to rebound: by going solo and getting weird. In the 1990s Mobb Deep was known for elegant beats and grim narratives. And Prodigy’s new solo CD (he calls it a mixtape), released by the independent label Koch and produced by the sample-happy producer the Alchemist, is a woozy trip back into that menacing world; it’s also a reminder of how engrossing Prodigy can be.

“Return of the Mac” celebrates the old, mean New York; our antihero totes a “rusty gun” with “rubber bands on the handle — a New York grip.” He has a thick, sullen voice, and sometimes he petulantly declines to make his lines rhyme, as if he’s too tough to care or too depressed to be bothered. In “Legends” he explains how his father taught him to fight off bullies: “Pops gave me a knife, told me handle my things/If not, when I came back, he would handle me.” The album ends with “Stop Fronting,” in which Prodigy claims to be living the good life, but he’s much more convincing in the bleak “Mac 10 Handle,” a revenge fantasy tinged with psychosis: “Smokin’ dope, loading bullets in my clip for you/I ain’t even wiping my sweat, it’s keeping me cool.” KELEFA SANNEH

Artists: Prodigy and Alchemist

Representing: Queensbridge, New York, and Los Angeles

Mixtape: Prodigy's Return of the Mac, produced by Alchemist

411: Alchemist says that even when fans or the industry lose faith in Mobb Deep, his boys never flinch — they know their talents and are always poised for a comeback. "P's been doing it, he's been through so many different chambers of rhyming, fathered so many styles, been so inventive," he began explaining about Prodigy's mental state for the new mixtape Return of the Mac. "I don't think he's trying to top anything he's done, he's just having fun trying to represent where he is right now with life. I'm loving how [Return of the Mac] came out. It was a opportunity for us to show that P is still that dude. It didn't really come across in the last Mobb album for one reason or another."

Alchemist produced all the beats, which were built with '70s soul samples, while Prodigy did all the rhyming. The two are also working on Prodigy's official solo album, H.N.I.C.2., for later this year.

"Just his vocal tone alone, he's the sh--," added Al, who was in Cali working with (+44) drummer Travis Barker. "P is a survivor, Mobb Deep are survivors. That's what I've been learning with them and their career, the longevity, the deals they've had. They come out, get fronted on, come back, blow up. They've got a pattern about them where they always come back after what they've had what is not considered a successful album. So being that the last Mobb album didn't go over that crazy, P is letting me know it's nothing. 'We survivors.' Same thing for [Prodigy's Mobb Deep partner, Havoc]. Hav's album is crazy."

Joints To Check For:

"Take It to the Top." "[A friend of mine] from Japan came through, he had crazy records," Al said. "He really inspired me when I was out there, and he came to New York. This was one of the records he brought. It was P spazzin'. It's a lot going on in the sample. It's more energy. We looped it up. P wrote to it real fast. The standout line, he said, 'I douse you, you'll have different colors leaking out you/ Like red, yellow and white/ You got some stomach on your Nikes.' He said, 'You got some stomach on your Nikes!' He's real graphic, real cinematic. He's dope. P is always good for that type of sh--."
"The Rotten Apple." "It's probably my favorite record," Al said. "It was the theme of New York throughout the record, unconsciously. It wasn't like we were trying to bring New York back. It was like, 'Let's make it sound like it was conceived in New York, the sound of New York, how we wanna hear it.' P has a concept for a video that's real cutting edge. The song has a feeling to it. It's basically saying, 'Rotten apple made me like this, I don't give a f---.' New York made him how he is. It gives me the feel of the old New York, how I envisioned it in the early '80s and '70s."
"Last Words." "We did a CD just for Circuit City and it has three bonus records on it," Al said. "You have 'My Priorities,' a song with me and Hav called 'That's That,' and 'Last Words' with P and Kokane. 'Last Words' is the last bonus song too. It's almost like he's on his death bed, he's like, 'To my family, forgive me for not being a father/ Daddy was involved in a lot.' Kinda like a mob boss on his death bed. He's explaining to his family, 'It's over now, but this is what it was.' That was just for the bonus [edition]. It was one we had in the stash and it fit."

I checked out most of it yesterday and I must say you def. need to pick it up.
Check out the MYSPACE page....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jeff Staple

Check out BKRW interview Jeff Staple for Staple clothing brand and Reed Space fame... I wasn't going to post it but it's def. some motivational shit in here...


I've been following BUA for sometime now. He def. has an ill style to him. From making his own animated show "Urbania" to having his own series of PF flyers, he keeps on moving. Now Justin Bua has come out with his own book "The Beat of Urban Art: The ART of Justin BUA". It's a autobiographical narrative with drawings, sketches, studies, and explanations of how his most famous paintings were created. On April 23nd he is doing a signing of the book at the Virgin Mega Store at Union Square on East 14th St.
New York. Check here for other signings.

K-OS: "Sunday Morning"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spencer Davis' BOOTY BABE ART

Your boy Buby is a bit of a freak or just a normal man. As normal men do I've sent some time watching porn and XXX sites online. Well one of my old mainstays was and I pretty much lived there. It's a place where someone posts pictures of themselves and people can leave their comments. One very popular comment/picture was this pick of a sculpt of a female with a bangin' ass body.. i mean booty... i mean Well a few years after I left the site alone I find myself thinking about it again. Why you ask? I found out what these beautiful pieces of art are. From the mind of Spencer Davis comes Booty Babe Art Being sick of Barbie (which he worked for at one point) he's expressing what plenty of men love about women... that booty. Most women that I talk to take the figures as pretty cool dolls and happen to like that fact that somebody is reppin' for the thick girls. Each having their own identity and original customs, this sure beats collecting precious Now if he only would make me an exclusive Jennifer Hudson figure!!!

"Desert Rose"
11" tall, 250 piece edition, soft doll hair ponytail, soft goods scarf and staff weapon are removable.

11" tall, 650 piece edition, soft doll hair, fishnet skirt is removable

"Franken Babe"
11" tall, 400 piece edition, soft hair, PVC hands, comes with "bandages" and two "Franken Cats."

"Pride of the Masai"
11" tall, 600 piece edition, PVC hands, flocked base, glass beaded necklaces, comes with shield.

"Room Service"
11" tall, 650 piece edition, PVC hands, soft doll hair, removable skirt, comes with "champagne bottles" and feather duster.

Each statue is made of hand detailed, cold-cast porcelain. ('cept for the hands which were molded in PVC so the fingers are guaranteed not to chip or break!) Each figure is mounted securely, with steel pins, onto a solid base with a felt underside. Sculptures stand approximately 11.75" including base. Each comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Check him out on April 5th and 6th in "The Fools of April" hosted by Damned Ink Studios.He is going to have several Easter Bunny themed pieces there. Damned Ink Studios is located Upstairs in the Arts Factory, 101 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite #204, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.

Bobbito is the illest!

Man all I can remember is in 95' listening to Stretch and Bobbito on 89.9 aka 89 tek 9 in the wee hours of the morning knowing that in about three or four hours I had to get up and go to school. Shit I remember my mother kicking me in the stomach and telling me to "shut the fuck up, stop laughing and go to sleep" lol. Those were the days. But do you know why I did that? Sure I could hit record on the tape deck and let the 120 minute tape record and set the arlarm to just change tapes (can you tell I did that a couple of but whats the fun in that. I wanted to laugh in realtime I remember having the origional verision of Lil Kim's first single when she went at Faith Evens on one verse and went at Pac on the other.... I remember having the sing-song version of a Redman song and everytime I rocked it everybody and their mother used to try and rob me for But the best feeling is when I used to jump in my cousins 92 honda civic pop in the tape press play and listen to it cracking up on the way to school. Later not only did I growup (yeah right) but I also found out that Bobbito was a sneaker head... one better he was a sneaker scholar. I copped the book he put out "Where'd you get those?" at Urban Outfitters a.s.a.p. and he made those adidas bball kicks (you know the burgandy ones) in that ad look ill with the matching attire.

The custom AF1's were ill too. Well guess what? He's back with another pair. Cool Bob Love is killing it with this ill ass colorway. Love on the back heel of the sneaker (a record and a bball in the "o" in "love") and the hand on a basketball on one kick and a hand on a record on the other.. he can do no wrong. And you thought you have seen them all.. ahahaha you fool. Dropping April 14th at about $125 a pair. You little punks better get out my way cause I'll be running to front of the line laughing listening to a classic tape in my Walkman in one hand and the 125 in the other....

Art & Design in a Shopping bag?

I was checking out Brooklyn Circus' blog (check it out, it's great stuff) and they posted these pics of ill ass bags. I'm not going to front I've stopped people in the city to find out where they got the shopping bag they have in their hand from. I love design in everyway and what better way then tripping out your customer on the last experience before they leave your store and have a great looking moving billboard all the way home. Sadly alot of people don't put that much thought into the shopping bags, especially men's clothing store or any store geared toward men. But here are the pics. The one to the top left hand side is from The Brooklyn Circus (I need one of those) and I'm not sure of the rest. Just to let you guys know that Kidrobot has some great bags too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I was checking out Toysrevil and I ran across this blog about a company called Enterbay. Now the first thing I saw was a Bruce Lee figure which by now is not that interesting to me anymore seeing how every asian toy company has touched the image of the mangod himself. But the crazy thing is that this new figure has new technology attached to it. The body sculpt is unbelievable and so is The Interchangable Eye System.

The Game Of Death figure is great and it's not them just trying to milk the fans of Bruce. The price is probably one of the reason's I haven't seen this piece of art in many online stores... it's going for about 350 US bucks.

This figure is limited to 550 pics. It's a fully-articulated figure with a Arnie Kim-headsculpt, iconic jump suit, interchangeable eyes, 7 hands for posing, nunchaku (with case), green bamboo stick, handmade-shoes and a deluxe wooden diorama display base, complete with a numbered certificate and serial-number-on-figure body.
They also are making a "The Way Of The Dragon".

But what actually caught my attention the first time around is the G2 aka Gang Two figure. This figure is right up my ghetto

"It's scheduled for a May 2007-drop costing about SRP USD$108. He comes with: Fur coat / Jeans / Belt / Shoes / Sunglasses / Necklace / Gold Suitcase / and probably a mini-comicbook/cartoon (translations are tricky) - all packaged in a display box resembling a New York-skyscraper, and if im reading the translations right (or it could be all just a fantasy-concept in my own mind), "subsequent figures" display box would join-up to form a New York cityscape, yeh? ... which might mean G2 might just be the first of a new series of gansta-1/6th?"
Now that sounds ill... so it looks like I'll be keeping an eye out for this company from now on. Thanks to Toysrevil for letting me jack all the pics and words I could.. lol. If you didn't like my edited version and want to see the real deal go here.

Mr. Cartoon's The Lost Angel figure.

Mr. Cartoon hits hard with this sure bet of a first limited edition figure. The Lost Angel is Mr. Cartoon's creation that first is going to be a 14' inch figure and later he will be making a graphic novel featuring the Lost Angel. This is the first of four colorways of The Lost Angel character. Str8 from the Super Rad Toys website is the details of this beautiful figure....

"Other noteables include: 3 points of articulation cut n' sew clothes, Dickie Like pants, Estevan Oriol "LA Hands" t-shirt, boxers, socks Removeable NIKE Cortez and A1's (Cartoon's versions) Miniature T-Mobile SideKick with a 180 rotating screen Flocked angel wings that are removeable Cartoon's signiature Joker Face Boombox with the "FONY" logo and Cartoon's tags SA chain and pendant (Diamonds and platinum...not real) Comes packaged in a flip open door window box with a sneak peak of Cartoon's up coming graphic novel on the inside panel."

The MSRP is $130.00USD. I think I missed the boat with this one... DAMN STRIPPERS!!!! (little inside

Erick Scarecrow's Liberty

Check out this ill piece by Erick Scarecrow's company ESC toys. The build-up to this figure was great. He would preview it from different angles but never giving you the whole figure. Then at Comic-Con Nyc I finally peeped the whole figure. She is a beauty. From what I heard she sold out at the comic con and everybody is waiting to see more of her. I'm on hold waiting for my shipment so all you regulars know what time it is... I can only think of about two other vinyl figures that were this nice and based on a female figure. First you have Essence from the Blokhedz series and Sam Flore's Fatima (I have one pink one left if anybody wants it) that I picked up for ya'll at last years ToyFair. I'm meaning only females not including the big names... Micheal Lau and them dudes.
If you want to get the full interview with Erick Scarecrow check out ToysREvil's blog.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Andy Mouse by 360 Toy Group

Here's a piece I wrote for Sound Of Art (if you dont know about them check them out).

Well the Andy Mouse vinyl is here. A figure done by 360 ToyGroup and with the stamp of approval of The Estate of Keith Haring. 360 Toy Group is responsible for great vinyl collabos' with companies and graffiti greats such as Stussy, Kaws and Futura. So you know this is start fire. It seems as if last year was the year for a Keith Haring renewal. With the AdiColor kicks and clothes that came out last year, what better way for a hipster or streetwear guru to get a complete fix of Keith Haring other then having a great collectable mounted on his desktop. Jakuan of 360 knew all the kids knew who Andy Warhol and Basqiat was but he wanted to bring some shine to a man that deserves just as much light. I wouldn't lie to you, when I first saw the Andy Mouse vinyl and the name Keith Haring I couldn't tell you off the bat who he was. So like I do when I don't know something... I throw the name in a online search engine and waited for the magic. As soon as I saw his classic "stick men figures" as I call it, it took me straight to the 80's and seeing those guys on MTV, tshirts and damnnear anywhere I looked. Looking at his art it seems as if Keith was dying for someone to make some vinyl figures from his paintings. Jakuan must have picked up on it and ran like hell. He approached keith haring's estate to make figures for them around 2003 and after convincing them that it was a good way for the estate to broaden and attract a new fan base for his work it was a go. Now if your asking why not make figures of his better known subject of paintings like the radiant baby, the stick men or dog? Well what better way to spark someone's interest then present them with something they have never seen. The person in charge of the license at the time suggested to make Andy Mouse as the first figure BECAUSE it wasn't as known as his other works. So with the green light and the license to make a Keith Haring as big in the toy art world in hand he started to put that work in. Jakuan is a one man wrecking machine, from sculpting to sales to marketing he got it in. It premiered at The Showroom NYC with a very limited gray color version that was only sold there and later released that year. I'm guessing the response was crazy because I am now hold one of my very own. So much love to Jakuan, 360 TOYGROUP and to the estate of Keith Haring for bringing this great vinyl to use. Joints like these are the reason Im in the business... 1.

10 Deep what are you doing?

Wow! I said WOW! 10 deep has gone off the deep end. I just saw their new spring/summer line and it sucks. How many native american prints and feathers did I just see last season. If your following Miskeen with prints theres a problem. If you want to see some hot prints go to Rockers NYC and check that out. Now if you just finished checking out the 10 Deep Spring/summer line I'll tell you that the first three pictures are cool. The black and white hoodies are good money. The second pic of the tshirt where they are making fun (in my view) of BAPE with the 10 deep character wearing the ape mask is on point too. I always liked their full zip down hoodies with that see-thru material with the ill print undernearth so I def. give that a pass. The only REAL problem I have is the native american stuff. They should have left it alone. I think it's just about done with the gold rope chain print and they are not letting go. And the button up sweater joints do not in any way fit in with their line.

My reason for loving streetwear is because of the innovative and original spirit of it. Being Mayan and Taino Indian I must say this is a weak display of research and creativity on their part. If you want to do a tribial print have some knowledge of what the hell your doing. I'm not saying that I know that they don't know sh*t but damn homie.... When I first saw the Rockers NYC stuff I was just happy to see the presence of it on the tee. When Miskeen did it I actually liked it but what can I say it's Miskeen so I had to diss it. Now I think if your into fashion you should look left and right before crossing the f'ing street. If you see 2 companies do it come back that much harder. O well... it seems as if 10 Deep is going to be then next Artful Dodger because I even see Raggeaton dudes wearing it in their videos. In no way is that a bad thing but I'm just saying if your getting the shine show these niggas what we got.

ps. this whole blog might just be a result in 10 Deep not selling my wows of a fat man...

I happened to write this blog about Natives being used and how people need to be creative. Well check out IDEALIST CLOTHING X Rob Abeyta Jr. who came up with an ill ass Sitting Bull tee.

My mission with urban vinyl.

Why do you want to open a Urban Vinyl store? Why do you want to open a Designer Toy store? These are questions I've been waiting for someone to ask me... do you know why? Because I have a 12 page essay waiting to answer those very questions.

Being raised in Dirty Jersey there are few options when you have a talent. There are few roads you can go down to get out of the hood with your talents. If you can sing f*ck it and become Whitey Houston. If you can act become Steel (the fat dude) from Juice. You play basketball be Shaq. And if you can rap be ___ (add rapper from jersey name here). But Art.... noone I grew up with knew any artist that came from Newark except the graf and tag writers that hit up all the walls around the way. My brother has talent- he can draw but who's road does he have to follow. Plenty of people don't have the strength to be trailblazers. You might have the talent but not the passion. The only kid from my personal history that got out the hood on his creative talent was this dude that I was in the 8th grade with. The second week of our Sophomore year in high school he gave me a pound and said that he was going to design sneakers for a living and I think he said Nike was going to school him how to do it. Now if I believe it... sure why not? He never lied to me for me not to believe him. He sat in class all day drawing different types of kick designs and he had the talent. But besides all that, as a kid from the hood I was more then happy to see someone leave it for something positive. I wanted to believe that he can make it!

Fastfoward to about 5 years ago. Something crazy happened, I was blessed with a daugther. That had me thinking about my future. Her future. What do I want her future to be and what did I want to teach her. I got heavy into black and latino (i hate that word) history. I started listening to Immortal Techinque and Dead Prez. The t shirts I rocked all have strong meanings, Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, The Black Planthers, The Young Lords and so on. Man I got my first library card, was the only person under the age of 50 at the town meetings. Wanting to do more for my community and its future what the hell do I have to offer. Today I know the answer. I can be a trailblazer.... Opening an Urban Vinyl store will show kids that around the world (cause most people in the US dont give 2 sh*ts) people are very interested in the hoods of america. Give kids that like design, fashion and urban art a home, a future and a MFing change to see their worth.

I've been collection SOMETHING since I was REALLY young. Baseball cards, comic books, pogs (remember those) and toys. I loved my graphic design class in high school and I liked my marketing and fashion classes in college. Urban Vinyl play to all those likes and loves. When I was first exposed to UV it was great. From the packaging to the toy itself was a creative clusterf*

My first stop was a store called Kidrobot. It's funny how f'ing popular it is now. I went there expecting mecca but it was far from that. Don't get me wrong- I like Kidrobot but for that to be the BIG rep for UV in nyc it was a little bit of a letdown for me. My second try was Toy Toyko. I didn't like that one either. Too cluterred with old figures that didn't sell. It made me like Kidrobot My last stop was a store called 360 Toy Group in L.e.s. It was the mecca of the Urban Vinyl world. No not pretty and cute like Kidrobot but it oozed of why I loved Urban Vinyl..... it was Urban. As soon as I walked through that door I felt as I found what I was looking for. JaKuan is one of the coolest down to earth dudes you will ever meet. I became a groupie to the store. With a beautiful figure of himself in the middle of this store by none other then jason siu if my memory serves me correctly. Too bad he shut it down to create figures full time.

So I cut it down to 4 paragraphs from 12 pages. Support me and save the NO REALLY

Why the hell do I need a blog?

Hello to all, this is my first blogpost to my first blog. What you find on my blog will mostly contain info about the urban vinyl and street wear world. I am not the king and tend to know alot about nothing but f*ck it I tend to have a different outlook on current trends so I thought I'd try. Please guys, stop me anytime you think I've went too far. Future topics with include why I think Kidrobot is the devil and fatman wows about streetwear. So sit back and enjoy my rants that I'll probably be typing between 230- 530 am eastern