Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nixon Rubber Player | Purple And Black Colorway


Freshjive Summer 2009 I.L.B.T. Video (NSFW)


Video: Jay-Z “Death Of Autotune”

Mad Hatter: Mighty Healthy Summer 2009 New Eras

out now

Kix: Nike Air Force 1 “Jones Beach”

Out now

Dirty Gardener: The Newark Museum's Youth Cinema

June 29 @10:30 am @The Newark Public Library
July 1 @1 pm @Newark Museum
Ages 4–12

Global Wonders
Children will learn about African-American culture in this interactive adventure, featuring a mix of animation, live-action footage and original songs. Discover the art of Horace Pippin, music of Louis Armstrong, achievements of Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and more. 56 minutes

July 6 @10:30 am @The Newark Public Library
July 8 @1 pm @Newark Museum
Ages 4–12

Chato and the Party Animals
Chato's friend, Novio Boy, has never had a birthday party, and doesn't know when his birthday is. So Chato, being a good friend decides to throw him one—a "pachanga," and everyone is invited—including you! 10 minutes

Incredible Voyage of Bill Pinkney
Narrated by Bill Cosby, this documentary tells the story of the first African-American to sail around the world, and Bill Pinkney's high seas adventures from Boston to Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Brazil, South Africa, Tasmania and Uruguay. 45 minutes

July 13 @10:30 am @The Newark Public Library
July 15 @1 pm @Newark Museum
Ages 4–12

I Lost My Tooth in Africa
Story of a young girl who loses a tooth while visiting her father's family in Africa. In the African tradition, the girl places the tooth under a gourd and, in return, gets two chickens from the Tooth Fairy. Emmy Award-winning PBS children's series, Reading Rainbow. 30 minutes

Lincoln and Douglass
In celebration of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday in February 2009, we present this story of the unusual friendship between two great American leaders. At a time when racial tensions were high and racial equality was not yet established, Lincoln and Douglass formed a strong bond over shared ideals. 12 minutes

An Apple for Harriet Tubman
Children will learn about the life of Harriet Tubman, including the significance of apples for this remarkable American. The program follows Tubman's life from the hardships that she endured as a child slave through her escape to freedom and her legendary role as a conductor on the Underground Railroad to her life as a freewoman in upstate New York. 12 minutes

July 20 @10:30 am @The Newark Public Library
July 22 @1 pm @Newark Museum
Ages 4–12

Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney
This animated program offers helpful suggestions on how children can dare to be different, keep an open mind about others and remain true to themselves. 30 minutes

Garrett's Gift: The Story of Garrett Morgan
Narrated by Queen Latifah, this animated program tells the story of African-American inventor Garrett Morgan and his struggle to discover his talent. Years later, Garrett achieves his dreams as he introduces the world to his many wonderful inventions, including the traffic signal. 19 minutes

The Hunterman and the Crocodile
Traditional West African folktale about the importance of living in harmony with nature. 10 minutes

July 27 @10:30 am @The Newark Public Library
July 29 @1 pm @Newark Museum
Ages 5 & up

The Story of Ruby Bridges
Learn about six-year-old Ruby Bridges' difficult first months at an all-white elementary school in New Orleans. 12 minutes

The Lion's Drum
An African hunter discovers a lion playing a magic tree stump deep in the jungle and must convince the villagers of what he has seen and heard. 23 minutes

Obara & The Merchants
In this animated adaptation of the traditional Nigerian folktale, a powerful hunter returns home to find some unexpected dinner guests. 8 minutes

July 29 @1 pm @Newark Screens on Springfield Ave.
The Longshots
True story of Jasmine Plummer (KeKe Palmer) who, at the age of eleven, became the first female to play in the Pop Warner football tournament in its 56-year history. 2007, 95 minutes

For more info go here.

Dirty Gardener: New Fitteds @Cap City


Video: Wiz Khalifa-Name On A Cloud/Wussup

MSNBC: Senators Against Obamacare Are Bought By Lobbyists

Democrats are the new Republicans..lol.. the fuckery will come to light because of this.

Entourage Promo

Check out the new season of Entourage. Premieres July 12th at 10:30pm. For more, log on to HBO.com/entourage

Walrus TV Artist Feature: Jeff Soto from "The Run Up"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dirty Gardener: Hit Mob Video Shoot for Whip It!

It sucks that I couldn't go to Hitmob's video shoot this past saturday but I have plenty of pics. Check out the song the video's for "Whip it" here.
and follow them on twitter here.

You're A Jerk 106 Pre BETA Live

Eminem - 3 A.M. (Travis Barker Live Remix)

I haven't seen a TB remix video in a minute.. good good..

Tevin Campbell, Johnny Gill, Trey Songz & Tyrese Ojay's Tribute

That was dope!

Jamie Fox, T-Pain and Travis Baker- Blame It On at the BET Awards

OK!! Travis Baker is def. the illest..lol

BBC/Ice Cream Fall 2009 Collection | First Releases


De La Soul x UNDRCRWN “Signature Caricature” T-Shirt


Mad Hatter: Bread & Butter x New Era Fitted Caps


Dirty Gardener: The Newark Black Film Festival

July 1 7 pm Newark Museum
July 2 6 pm NJ State Museum

This is My Africa
This award-winning documentary has been described "a 50-minute crash course in African culture." It chronicles a unique journey into an Africa that many may not know about, with recollections by writers and artists on food, books, art, music and film. 2008, 50 minutes
Speaker: Zina Saro-Wiwa, Writer/Filmmaker/Director
Hosts: Gloria H. Buck and Akili Buchanan

July 8 7 pm Newark Museum
July 9 6 pm NJ State Museum

Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project
In 2003, 15-year-old Sakia Gunn was brutally murdered on the streets of Newark because she dared to be herself: a young, Black lesbian. Taken from her world, her friends and her family before her life truly began, Sakia's story has only begun to be told. Her story demands attention and compassion, not just for Sakia, but for all of the young Black women and men who pay the price of intolerance, shame, hate and silence. 2008, 58 minutes
Speakers: Charles B. Brack, Producer/Director and Jane Dowell-Burton, Newark-Essex Pride Coalition
Hosts: Ralph R. Waller and Tynesha McHarris

July 15 7 pm NJ Institute of Technology
July 16 6 pm NJ State Museum

Medicine for Melancholy
A love story of bikes and one-night stands is told through the eyes of two twenty-something urbanites in search of self-definition. Barry Jenkins' award-winning independent film redefines the date movie, giving it new life, new edge and a brand new soul. 2008, 88 minutes
Speaker: Barry Jenkins, Writer/Filmmaker
Hosts: Theodore T. Johnson and Anthony G. Clark

July 22 7 pm Newark Museum
July 23 6 pm NJ State Museum

A Place Out of Time: The Bordentown School
This film examines a seventy-year period when America cared little about the education of African-Americans. New Jersey's Bordentown School stood out because it was an educational utopia that taught values, discipline and life skills to generations of African-American children. 2008, 60 minutes
Speaker: David Davidson, Producer/Filmmaker/Director
Hosts: LeRoy Henderson and Dr. Clement A. Price

July 29 7 pm Newark Museum
July 30 6 pm NJ State Museum

Birth of a Nation (segments)
This classic 1915 silent film directed by D.W. Griffith was a cinematic breakthrough that was made at the expense of a believable historical narrative about American life before, during and especially after the Civil War. Its controversy is exceeded only by the damage it wrought to African American history and the understood role of the Ku Klux Klan in the history of the South. 1915, segments only

Within Our Gates
This film by the pioneering black filmmaker and entrepreneur Oscar Micheaux is an early depiction of race and race relations in America during the formative years of Jim Crow and racial terrorism. It is considered a response to The Birth of a Nation, with a story focusing on an African American woman who travels north to help a minister raise funds in support of a school of impoverished black children. 1920, 79 minutes
Speaker: Donald Boyle, Author/Historian
Hosts: Richard Wesley and Dr. Miriam Petty

For more info go here.

Dirty Gardener: New fitteds @Cap City


The clipse @ sneakerpimps 09'


Shabba is back? word!! I actually heard him on some shit recently and it was pretty dope.


Peep more of Wale's performance here.
Peep this at the :10 mark for why Wale is the truth..lol. And check out Nike Boots here.