Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Download: Kanye West & T-Pain- Flight School

Listen to it here.


Buby Is 4 Da Ladies: Nike | WMNS Aerofit High - Black/White

It's like a AF1 and a Reebok Classic rolled into one. Via

Dirty Gardener: New at Cap City

Check out new stuff here.

Download: Cam'ron- I used to get it in Ohio

This is that block shit.. that hanging out in front of the bodega after it's closed ish.. lol
Listen to it here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

50 Cent Presents Pimpin' Curly "The Fast Lane" Episode #3

50 is getting his eddie murphy on..lol

Road Trip Philly: Part4/ Nocturnal Skate Shop

Check out their website here.
610 S 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 922-3177‎

Dirty Gardener: New @ Cap City

Check out more new stuff here.

Dirty Gardener: Black Flag is on Tweeter.

Follow them here.

Video: Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite

Promo - Rich Medina & Bobbito - The Connection Vol.1

Today Rich Medina twittered the link for his new album that he is doing with Bobbito.
Check it out here. You can listen to a promo of the whole album. It's pretty dope.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dirty Gardener: The Art Ball: La Vie en Rose @ Aljira

What happens when you get Erté versus Grace Jones, Warhol collages, and Divine inspiration in one room - "The Art Ball: La Vie en Rose"!

Join Aljira and The House of Jourdan-Zion for a fierce night of competitive categories (see complete list below) in Runway, Voguing, Face, Sex Siren, and Realness. Prizes will be awarded by a panel of illustrious judges from various houses and artists in our current exhibition "The B Sides".

"The Art Ball: La Vie en Rose"
Saturday, February 28, 2009
7pm to midnight
$10 presale/$15 at the door
Buy your tickets online at http://www. aljira. org
Get your tickets before February 21 and you will be entered in a raffle for a "We Love Newark" t-shirt designed by Jerry Gant!!

Cocktail Party provided by Patricia A. Bell, David Ellis Catering, and Jerry Rose Floral and Event Design.

Admission also includes free entry to the after party at Club Sugar Ray's (10 Park Place) across from Aljira.

Open To All (OTA), cash prizes

Face Most Photogenic OTA
Bring us a collage of your carta, carta and more carta a la Andy Warhol.

Foot & Eyewear
Create your own glasses & footwear. Imagination is limitless.
Make it ovah!

3. Runway Erté vs.
Grace Jones OTA
Bring Erté to life. Or put some Grace in your face.
Do your research!

Art Battle
Calling all visual artists. Show us your work.
Artwork that is! Now bring a strong piece to the runway!

Pretty boy vs. School boy vs. Thugz vs. Butch. Battle in your group.
Then, winners from each group will battle to get that money!

Pretty Boy
Bring it as an art dealer. This is your art gallery, so now sell us a painting or other artwork in a business casual look.

School Boy
Bring us your art project that your art teacher assigned to you. Your painting or any artwork is your prop. Now get you’re A.

You are on clean-up duty. Make us want to tear that custodian's uniform off with your realness or leery to walk on your floor.

You are an art collector. Come get your money’s worth and get your work of art. Bring it on down with a suit and tie. Look like you have the money to buy everything.

Female Figure Realness
Bring pop art to life. Remember pop art stands for bright, dazzling, shocking colors. Hint, hint: in the name of Divine in John Waters’ movie “Pink Flamingos” (1972).

Sex Siren OTA
Celebrate bring the Renaissance to life. Male figure; you’re the statue of David. Female figure; you’re the statue of Aphrodite/Venus. Make these old sex symbol statues new again.

Hands Performance
Design a pair of fierce gloves. Wear it. Be innovative. Tell us a story with your hands.

Trilogy Team Battle
The trilogy consists of any combination of three (3) of the following: Face, Sex Siren, Realness, Runway, and Performance. Each of the three-member team must come from one (1) of the five categories. No repeats. AIDS is not over. Bring together in your final pose an image of hope in honor of Visual AIDS's Frank Moore Archive Project and artists such as Keith Haring and Gran Fury.

Art: “Don’t Stop Object Shopping” Mike Leavitt @ Fuse Gallery March 21, 2009

“Don’t Stop Object Shopping”
Mike Leavitt solo show
opens Saturday March 21, 2009 7-10pm
runs until April 18, 2009
Fuse Gallery: 93 2nd Avenue (between 5th & 6th Streets); NYC, NY 10003
subway: F train to 2nd Avenue

Mike Leavitt’s March 2009 show at New York’s Fuse Gallery signals an art market shift. The Seattle artist has a nostalgic foot locker of shoes accurately replicated in cardboard, from ladies pumps to ’80’s sneakers. The cardboard shoe show will be installed like a thrift shop with Leavitt’s famous action figures, trading cards, Barack Obama pieces, wood carvings, and other small collectibles. Leavitt will also show two collaboration pieces with “bag painter” Chris Crites and the notorious counter-culture ceramicist Charles Krafft. Traditionally distasteful, modest and hokey objects consciously designed for sales are suddenly timely in the art world.

Mike Leavitt participates in an art movement that’s maturing with impeccable timing. Designer toys, hand-made prints, tattoo parlors, skate shops, street art, and hand-made kitsch are melting together to consume the art market from the bottom up. Inexpensive but technical works are being keenly tailored for broad appeal. The proverbial nose can no longer be thumbed at small art and affordable sales. Between high art and a crumbling economy, Leavitt finds common ground when he goes back to the basics. Wood shop, kitchen craft, and figurative representation produce his shoe culture milestones. Cheap, disposable material makes an expensive product, oddly resembling the manufacturing of boutique footwear. Yet the labor makes Leavitt’s shoes into art, not shoes. The cardboard shoes are built durable enough to wear, but even the rigid construction would succumb to a few drops of rain. They’re not competitive with the shoe market, but with a clientele that’s changing the way people buy art. Commercial viability is an urgent reality, not just satire or critique.


"The Rebirth of aNYthing" the Aaron Bondaroff and Semen Sperms Video Interview

lol.. the bad boy of street where?

Matt Walker, Max & Tosh Peters Vital Edit

damnit, when will the day come when I go skiing?

Road Trip Phlly: Part 3/ Ubiq

1509 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

They carry labels such as: Nike. The Hundreds. NikeSB. Undefeated. Clae. Stussy. Stussy Deluxe.
In4mation. Adidas. Incase. Vans. Vans Vault. Atmos. 10Deep.
Converse. Casio G-Shock. Jordan Brand. Original Fake. Reebok. Headporter.
New Balance. WeSC. Keep. JasonMarkk. New Era. Penfield. Medicom.
Tokion. UMBRO by Kim Jones. Play Cloths. OBEY. UBIQ Footwear & Apparel

Check out their website here.

Dirty Gardener: New Stuff at Cap City

Check out more stuff here.

Video- The Dream "Rockin That Thang"

MURS Interview Pt 2 At-Risk Youth, Paid Dues And Making Changes

Good questions. Don't like when people still think tv and movies has anything to do with people going bad. Love what he was talkind about tours and doing shows. Rappers who are in denial about Cd's and touring is like Americans who are in denial about the evening out of globial economy. lol.

Video: J-King & Maximan - Beso En La Boca

Nightlife: Rye Rye @ Studio B 2/21/09

Saturday February 21, 2009

Presented By: Studio B & CUT
Saturday, February 21st-
CUT and Studio B Present:

RYE RYE (Baltimore) LIVE!

With guest djs...

Plus more TBA
10pm, 19+.
$5 advance tickets at www.ticketweb.com , and Other Music. $10 at door.

2 for1 well drinks and beers from 10pm-midnight!
***Complimentary Well Drink/Beer when you show your Car Service/Taxi receipt (must be dated that night)

*Sponsored by Mishka & Nicky Digital*

Buby's Diary: 2/21/09

I went to the Hundreds sale today and picked up a couple of things. If the pics have more then one colorway in there I have the black one.
Bobby TALKED to me...awww. lol.
MY lil one was very upset that I didn't pick her up this weekend so my whole time there I was trying to calm her down over the phone. When I was checking out bobby wished me luck and hoped everything worked out ...lol. They were pretty cool guys.

I was supposed to meet my brother at the apple store to see Santigold do an instore performance but he copped out at the end and tried to take my ass home. But of course being the lazy fucker I am (it was really windy) I tried catching Metro trains to catch the Path train but of course I got lost on 23rd street and had to catcha cab. Dude had a revolver tucked in the sun visor and wasn't a real taxi but men of color in the city cant be choicy on who picks them up..lol. But he dropped me off in front of a Best Buy so I had to go in and I picked up Kudu and Justice cds I've been wanting for a while.