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Thursday, January 20, 2011

72 Bars for Chosenberg — Live in an NY Cab

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my two fav. ppl. Homeboy Sandman and Peter Rosenberg!

Video: Jojo Pellegrino “Selektion: Staten Island”

"Selektion: Staten Island" Jojo Pellegrino from The Butcher's Block on Vimeo.

O snap! its jojo... i used to be a supporter of jojo.. hopefully this is a comeback!

Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Billionaire Boys Club® Season 12 Lookbook - Promo from Billionaire Boys Club® on Vimeo.

Not a big BBC or Play Clothes fan but this is a pretty good collection.

Video: Magnetic Man f. John Legend, “Getting Nowhere”

this video is sooo cool.. its between this and neako's video for video of the week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video: Big K.R.I.T. - Can't Be All

The Other Guys - Tuna vs Lion

my fav. part from The Other Guys

Video: Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told

cant wait till this album finally drops. I've been a Saigon fan since 05.

Video: NEAKO - LOUDERpack

The visuals for this video is cool as shit but I'm starting to realize that I don't know what NEAKO is talking about. He's all over the place but his beats are always epic and hopefully NASA keeps with it because he could def. be the future of Brick City.

Video: GLC - So Real feat. B.J. the Chicago Kid

GLC - So Real feat. B.J. the Chicago Kid from Davy Greenberg for Elephilms on Vimeo.

I give it to GLC, he's still trying. Love this beat, it sounds like classic Kanye and BJ the Chicago Kid is perfect for this track. Makes me wanna go and listen to BJ's last mixtape I downloaded. Good stuff.

Golden Globes 2011 - Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue

Ricky Gervais is awesome and I dont know why ppl are acting like such babies..

Video: Kit "Ambrosia"

Kit "Ambrosia" from who ate my teeth? on Vimeo.

Video: Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever

Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Independent Women

I was raised by a VERY strong woman. I was raised by a woman that is very self sufficient and self dependent. And I tend to not only be attracted to that same type of woman but they seem to be attracted to me.

So last night my ex texted me asking if I knew how to change a tire. I do know how but I'm wondering what kind of question is that for someone who just posted on fb that she was watching Automaticly I start feeling a certain type of way because I don't have a car nor do I have a license to drive so why ask me that question?
I respond yeah but it started to nag me because when we were dating she was very self sufficient and self dependent. With a new born son, a great job, her own apartment and only 20 she was amazing. I was in awe at her drive and how open she was to going anywhere and doing anything. She had no problem being in the hood but she was a corporate chick. She was what rap songs are made She never asked a thing from me and I of her but we gave each other the world. We quickly became friends and then lovers. We left each other on good terms but my heart was hurt.
Anyway, now she's separted from her husband and has 2 children. I still have massive love for this woman but little by little I see she has changed. Everything that I loved about her isnt there anymore and what seemed to be a simple question about changing a tire has me questioning if I should even keep talking to her the way I do.
She always complains about her husband but it seems that she relies on him in a way I thought I would never see her need someone. I took her to a NinjaSonik/ Theophilus London show and she seemed so uncomfortable there. Whenever I do see her she's always tired. NONE OF THIS IS WHAT I WANT... and now this damn question...
In my head I see that she's trying to figure if she should really call it quits with her husband and be with me but I dont want to pick up his slack. I dont want to take his place. All I wanted was APPARENTLY someone that doesn't exist anymore.
I think alot of woman like to say the are independent but most aren't. Independence doesn't come with family that is willing to bail you out or men who are willing to give you anything for some attention.
My mom is MARRIED and still an independent woman. Never in my life have I heard her blame one single person for something that needed to be done for me or my family. She never blamed my father for things we couldn't afford or call on anybody when our lights got cut off. She was doing the way it needed to be done. And thats the Independent Woman I'm looking for.

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK DAY 2011

Movies Weekend: 1/15 & 16th: Green Hornet & True Grit

Seeing how I was drunk texting on my sofa by 1am I woke up pretty early on Saturday morning. I decided I was going to go watch the Green Hornet and it was my lucky day because I got to see it on the first showing in IMAX 3D. One thing about 3D movies for me is that I never really get the full effect of it. Maybe my brain just refuses to believe it but I can account only two times I really felt like the images were coming off the screen while watching a movie in 3D. But whatever, it still looked awesome. Seth is the man, it was funny, it had plenty of action and I wanna know who was picking out Seth's wardrobe cause some of those suits were official tissue! I saw reviews saying that this is no superhero movie because its too funny. I think they needed to take this approach because if it was too serious people would say that its just a batman rip off.. which is pretty close to the truth lol. But I loved it and would def. watch it again.

This morning I figured I'd see True Grit and I'm happy I did. I love the way people speak in this movie. This was pretty bad ass. Anytime I see anything western it makes me miss Deadwood. The characters were super cool. Even the characters that were on the screen for only a minute or two had a lasting impression.

AraabMuzik @The Museum of Natural History

I was souped for two weeks to go to this. I was hyped off of the youtube videos and haven't gone out in awhile so I was ready. This video is pretty much his whole set. The event was from 9pm-1am and he played probably for 15 minutes. I wasn't entertained by the other dj's they had there and headed home almost 2 minutes after he finished his set. But I did enjoy one of Araab's boys trying to push up on some chicks that was next to me haha... I've been to One Step Beyond maybe four other times before this and for the first time I actually tried to go into the planetarium but it was closed. Right before I left this dude who was super wasted told me I had the coolest shirt (it was a Crooks & Castles shirt w/ Mickey Mouses hands doing the gun sign) in the whole place. That and some chicks pulling me in the front of the line for drinks with them made my night..


I needed a new pair of boots on Friday. All I had was my Polo duck boots and I'm growing to unlike them very quickly. So I knew the Nike AF1 Duck boots where supposed to come out this weekend and tried to get them for Friday but no dice. So while I was downtown Newark I went into desperate mode and tried to find something.. anything. My first pick was a pair of black Polo snow boots that were a little Andre 3000ish but I get crazy like that when I'm desperate. Luckily they didn't have my size so I saw these Vasque boots. See in the hood, at least in my hood (West Ward of Newark/Eastside of Irvington New Jersey) these boots are staples in the community. Dudes buy these boots like some ppl buy G-Shocks to match their outfits. And their not called Vasque.. no, no, no that would be too easy. They are GORE's or GORE-TEX! lol.. because they have the gore-tex label on the boot. I love my hood. I saw them in all black without the white sole but something about the white sole makes it prettier..

Dirty Gardener: The North Face E-Tip Glove @The Sixth Boro

There is a god! For the past two weeks I've been going thru my own little version of hell with my gloves (which are the $1 joints you can find in every bodega in the hood) and my Droid X. It's cold as shit outside and I have to take off half of a glove aka doing a mini strip tease for the damn phone. Well after going to The Sixth Boro's blog I peeped these. I have to see if anybody else are making them. We might not have a cure for AIDS but at least I dont have to flash my phone a little thumb anymore.


Well not really rewind but more like fast Alright old heads its time to take it back for a sec. Don't know why this just popped into my head using the public bathroom (most great ideas probably do) but remember back in the day when your walkman's batteries were dying (it would sound chopped and screwed) and you didn't have a spare pair? What would you do? That's right... hit that FF button ever so gently until it sounded normal.. haha. These kids don't know what they missed out on. I think this falls in line with my theory on how I'm a BETA type of dude. I always like the rawest form of things because it's easier to find a way to fix it and the more "user" friendly it gets the harder it becomes for me to relate to the technology and I don't wanna mess with it when it messes up.. just look at mp3 players. When they clock out that's it... done and the kids just look at us like "ok its broke, get me a new one". I wish I would tell my mother some shit like that! HA!
-Old Head rant complete


Over the weekend I decided to take a look at the begins of this blog.. and I was so satisfied to know that it started out well and in good intent. But in the last year or so ...probably longer I completely took myself away from this blog meaning I've just stopped having a voice ie.. adding any personal content on here. I think half of it is because visiting so many other sites I was annoyed with other ppls opinions and just wanted to see the facts. I was tired of reading about stuff that wouldn't be released for another year and by the time they did come out I no longer gave two shits. And the other half of me just got lazy and discontent with lack of connection with the ppl reading my blog.. I would see that I had 300+ unique visitors a day but not one comment. But why should I care for that because I NEVER EVER left one in any of the blogs I visited. ughh...
But looking back I did realize that no matter what this blog should be more for me. Something like a time capsule of sorts for myself cause god knows my memory is shits haha.. So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna try and start putting myself a little more in this blog. I've said this before... we'll see. haha.. we'll see.

The Mindscape of Alan Moore

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